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Report: Vegas Gunman Booked Hotel Overlooking Lollapalooza

There's no indication Stephen Paddock checked into Chicago's Blackstone Hotel

(Newser) - An eerie pattern may be emerging regarding the Las Vegas gunman: After police earlier confirmed that Stephen Paddock rented a room through Airbnb at Las Vegas' Ogden hotel, which overlooked the Life Is Beautiful alternative-music festival that took place the weekend prior to the Jason Aldean concert, comes a report... More »

Dead Baby, 'Cut' Sister Found in Hotel; Police Seek Mom

Jessica Smith, 40, is only a person of interest so far

(Newser) - Police are seeking the mother of a dead toddler and a severely injured 13-year-old girl today after a housekeeper discovered the two girls in an Oregon hotel room, News Channel 8 Portland reports. The mother, Jessica Smith, 40, checked in with her daughters at the hotel—the Surfsand Resort in... More »

Culprit in Mystery NC Hotel Deaths: Carbon Monoxide

Hotel had been told to fix ventilation below deadly room

(Newser) - The cause of three deaths in the same North Carolina hotel room since April is no longer a mystery—but the bigger mystery now is how the third death was allowed to happen. Police have confirmed that carbon monoxide killed an elderly couple in Room 225 of the Best Western... More »

NC Hotel Mystery as Room Sees 3rd Death in 2 Months

Carbon monoxide found in hotel, but no word yet on official cause of death

(Newser) - Three people have died in the same North Carolina hotel room since April, in a mystery authorities are still investigating. On Saturday, Jeannie Williams and her 11-year-old son, Jeffrey, were found unresponsive in the Best Western room in Boone. Jeffrey was pronounced dead; his mother awoke from her coma yesterday.... More »

The Nastiest Thing in Your Hotel Room Is...

The light switch. Sorry, were you planning to read in bed?

(Newser) - Bad news for germophobes: Light and lamp switches are among the dirtiest things found in hotel rooms, according to a new study. TV remote controls also rank near the top of the most-contaminated list, LiveScience reports. Of course, your remote at home may not be any cleaner, but in a... More »

Drunk Wasilla Pol Trashed Hotel, Billed City

Guess what famous family he's friends with?

(Newser) - A burned hotel room mattress, ruined bedding, a urine-stained chair, vomit on the carpet … but no, this was not the handiwork of a rock star on tour. Rather, Wasilla City Councilman Steve Menard apparently got a little crazy on a business trip—then slipped the city the bill for... More »

Inside 'Frothing' Sheen's Rampage: Cocaine, Hooker

Raging Charlie accused prostitute of stealing his wallet

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen’s latest escapade is even grosser than originally reported: Turns out the Two and a Half Men star was allegedly doing cocaine and hanging out with a hooker before going on a hotel-trashing rampage that ended up costing him $7,000 in damages. When police found him, Sheen... More »

Drunk, Naked Charlie Sheen Trashes Hotel Room

Recently rehabbed star tells cops he was 'out partying'

(Newser) - That whole rehab thing doesn't appear to be working out so well for Charlie Sheen. Two months after being released from his latest stint, a drunk and naked Sheen allegedly trashed his New York hotel room early today and ended up in the hospital. Sheen, reportedly upset after returning... More »

Childhood Pal Arranged, Covered Up Tiger's Trysts

Byron Bell is also president of one of Woods' companies

(Newser) - A childhood friend who’s now the president of one of Tiger Woods’ companies helped arrange the golfer’s Australian rendezvous with one of his alleged mistresses, with Byron Bell buying plane tickets and booking hotels in his name to keep the affair secret. Sources tell TMZ Bell flew to... More »

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