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In Alaska, an Insane Snowfall in 90 Minutes

Valdez saw 15 inches in that period Wednesday

(Newser) - Valdez, Alaska, is among the snowiest places in the US, receiving some 300 inches of snow per year, or a little less than an inch per day on average. But even 10 inches of snow falling in a single hour is unprecedented there. Well, it was until Wednesday. In Thompson... More »

Here's Where Boston Could Put All That Snow

Right into Boston Harbor

(Newser) - A record 6 feet of snow has dumped down on Boston in the past few weeks, and today looks to show that there's more where that came from. It's gotten so bad that the city has reached out to the general public and scientists alike for fresh ideas... More »

2 Feet of Snow Hit New England

New England sets snowfall record set in 1978

(Newser) - More than 2 feet of fresh snow piled up in parts of New England today, breaking records set during the Blizzard of 1978 and testing the patience of officials and commuters as forecasters warned of more winter misery later in the week. The latest onslaught forced the cancellations of hundreds... More »

Storms Strike US South, Killing 5

More snow, sleet set to fall over the weekend

(Newser) - Real-live winter in the South? You bet: Unlikely ice storms hammered southern states yesterday, depriving thousands of power, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations, and killing at least five people, CNN reports. It's not over, either: Storms are poised to strike regions from Dallas to Memphis until tomorrow and Arkansas... More »

Killer Storms, Mild Winters: That's Climate Change

Atmospheric physics are apparently behind it

(Newser) - Climate skeptics may be chuckling, but scientists say our odd mix of extreme snowstorms and otherwise-mild snowfall is caused by climate change. Apparently it's all atmospheric physics: Lower temperatures give us more rain and less snow, but a warmer atmosphere can retain and drop more moisture, which leads to... More »

South Africa Sees Rarity: Snow

Nation in midst of winter cold snap

(Newser) - People slowly came outside despite the cold wind today across South Africa, pointed their mobile phone cameras to the sky, and opened their mouths to taste a rare snowfall that fell on much of the country. The snow began this morning, part of an extreme cold snap now biting into... More »

Blizzard Strands Thousands in Austria

10 feet of snow fuel avalanche fears

(Newser) - A 10-foot snowfall in the Austrian alps has left tens of thousands of visitors stranded, reports the Telegraph . Fears of avalanche have prompted the closure of dozens of roads and left popular resort villages isolated. "This is a type of snowfall the like of which we have not seen... More »

Auckland Sees Snow for 1st Time in 80 Years

Other parts of New Zealand also affected for first time in decades

(Newser) - Downtown Auckland is seeing snow for the first time in 80 years today, as a "once in a lifetime" blast of winter weather hits New Zealand. "If Auckland is getting reports of snow flurries now at the warmest point of the day that makes you wonder about what... More »

Snow Lands on 49 States

Storms leave Florida only snow-free state

(Newser) - Snow is on the ground in every state except one after winter storms in the South , Plains, and the Midwest left America so snowy that a snowball could practically be rolled from coast to coast. Even Hawaii has winter snow on the summits of volcanoes, leaving Florida as the only... More »

Travelers Still Stranded as Airports Struggle With Snow

Flights slowly resume, but some could be stuck days

(Newser) - The Northeast struggled for the second day to dig itself out from the weekend’s blizzard today, as travelers around the country cursed the snow. Though all three major New York airports have begun accepting flights again, the three have amongst them canceled a total of almost 1,500 flights,... More »

I'll Get Home Next Christmas: Thousands Still Stranded

New York City just starting to get moving again

(Newser) - Thousands of travelers are still sitting bored and bleary-eyed in airports, stuck buses, and subways today, a day after parts of the Northeast got slammed by more than 2 feet of show. "People are exhausted. They want to get home," sighed a Tel Aviv-bound traveler who had been... More »

As DC Digs Out, a Surreal Feel

Snowball fights, skiers roam deserted streets of 'Epcot Center version' of city

(Newser) - The flakes have stopped falling, but residents in the Mid-Atlantic region were faced today with the prospect of digging out of more than two feet of snow in some areas. Roads reopened but officials continued to warn residents that highways could be treacherous. Hundreds of thousands of people from Pennsylvania... More »

Snow Paralyzes DC, Mid-Atlantic

Capital could get walloped with 2 1/2 feet as storm rages on

(Newser) - Emergency crews struggled to keep pace with the heavy, wet snow that continued to batter the Mid-Atlantic region today, as the white stuff piled up on roadways, toppled trees, and left hundreds of thousands without electricity. The storm, with 10 inches on the ground at the White House and up... More »

Snow, Cold Paralyze Europe

19 die as travel disruptions plague continent

(Newser) - Blizzards and plunging temperatures have killed at least 19 people in Europe, and snarled air, rail, and road transportation, stranding thousands. At least 15 people froze to death in Poland, while others have died in car accidents caused by icy roads. Some 40% of flights out of Paris have been... More »

Houston Enjoys Earliest Snowfall

Up to half a foot could fall near the coast

(Newser) - Snow began falling on Houston this morning, making Dec. 4 the city record for earliest snowfall. Forecasts differ, but most expect 1 to 2 inches over a large area, with the possibility of up to 6 inches near the coast, the Chronicle reports. The phenomenon is not just unfamiliar but... More »

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