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SUV Filled With Christmas Gifts Didn't Really Have Gifts: Cops

Try $330K worth of pot, THC pills, and hash wax oil, Ohio police say

(Newser) - What happens in California should stay in California—especially if what happened was someone meticulously wrapping $330,000 worth of THC pills, hash wax oil, and marijuana (about 71 pounds) like Christmas presents, UPI reports. Instead, per an Ohio State Highway Patrol press release , 31-year-old Daniel Yates apparently decided to... More »

Guns: the Hot New Christmas Gift for the Ladies

Retailers see a new trend

(Newser) - The hot new trend in Christmas gifts for women? Guns, the Washington Post reports. Gun store owners say more and more husbands are giving their wives firearms, and the Post points to a few specific examples, like the woman whose husband had an AR-15 specially designed for her, using lighter... More »

Airline Gives Fliers the Gifts They Want for Christmas

WestJet passengers receive gifts—some pricey—after flight

(Newser) - These may have been the best plane flights of all time: Passengers on two WestJet flights last month got a chance to talk to Santa via video before boarding—and by the time they arrived, the gifts they had asked him for had been bought, wrapped, and were on their... More »

Lords, Ladies Jack Up Cost of '12 Days of Christmas'

All 364 presents will run you more than $114K

(Newser) - Well, you really should have bought all the gifts from the "12 Days of Christmas" song last year, because this year they'll set you back $114,651—a 6.9% increase from 2012's $107,300 . You can blame the price jump on the nine ladies dancing and... More »

Cops: Burglar Stole Presents, Regifted Them

But he rewrapped them first

(Newser) - The ultimate in regifting: Cops near Chicago say a man broke into two homes, swiped wrapped presents, then rewrapped them to give to his own friends and family, reports the Chicago Tribune . The 42-year-old suspect even installed a stolen ceiling fan in his bedroom, police say. His undoing was that... More »

Stop Giving 'Disgusting' Grapefruit as a Holiday Gift

This terrible tradition needs to die: Katy Waldman

(Newser) - It's the holidays, which means some clueless older relative is sure to force a grapefruit or 12 upon you. Giving grapefruit as a holiday gift started up during the Great Depression, because people wanted their gifts to be "nourishing" during such tough times. But the tradition—the absolute... More »

'12 Days of Christmas' Gifts Will Set You Back $107K

Hey, swans-a-swimming aren't cheap

(Newser) - The perfect gift for that person who seems to have everything? How about 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a-leaping, and, well, you get the idea. This year, if you tried to buy all 364 items from the "12 Days of Christmas" song, including that partridge in... More »

Holiday Toys Going Fast in Layaway Programs

Big chains ramp up programs, see early surge in shopping

(Newser) - Brace yourself, parents. Some of this year's hottest Christmas toys might be in short supply come December thanks to an early surge in layaway programs, reports the Wall Street Journal . Most of the big players, including Toys 'R' Us, Walmart, and Sears, have dropped or reduced layaway fees,... More »

Wrapping Paper Sales on a Tear

Strong figures early indication of shopping rebound

(Newser) - Just how lucrative will this holiday season turn out to be for retailers? If wrapping paper sales are any indication, pretty darn good. Both shop owners and the public are awaiting holiday shopping statistics as a clue to American confidence and an economic rebound. An early sign is wrapping paper... More »

'Tis the Season to ... Pinch $1.84B Worth of Stuff?

Retail theft in 4 weeks before Christmas expected to be 6% higher than 2010

(Newser) - In the four weeks before Christmas, shoppers will steal an estimated $1.84 billion in merchandise—a 6% spike over the same timeframe last year, according to a survey of retailers around the globe. The bump in shoplifting may be explained by dipping wages and high unemployment, reports the AP... More »

15 Worst Gifts on Amazon

Includes wolf urine, ladybugs, and uranium ore

(Newser) - Sure, shopping on Amazon saves you from braving wintry winds and annoying customer lineups. But beware the bizarro products that Amazon peddles on its digital superstore. CNNMoney lists 15: More »

Thoughtful, Pricey Gifts Are a Waste of Time

For recipients, it just doesn't matter, say researchers

(Newser) - Are you the kind of person who spends hours fretting over the perfect holiday gift? Or who tries to impress by spending big? Don't bother, because it's not helping your cause, writes John Tierney in the New York Times . In fact, price matters a lot more to the... More »

11 Insanely Expensive Gift Ideas

A trip to outer space will run you only $200K

(Newser) - 'Tis the season for giving, and what better way to show your appreciation for someone then to bestow them with an absurdly lavish gift, presuming you are nestled high up into the 1%. Here are 11 of the most ludicrously expensive gift ideas, courtesy of Time :
  • Pacifier, $17,000:
... More »

Hot Christmas Gifts: Ferrari, $45K Ping-Pong Table

Fantasy gifts for 2011 unveiled in 'Christmas Book'

(Newser) - It’s that time of year again: time for Neiman Marcus to say, “Recession? What recession?” and urge you to purchase a $250,000 mahogany speedboat for your beloved this Christmas. Yes, the Christmas Book was unveiled yesterday. To really get into the holiday spirit, read on for the... More »

Amazon Strategy Will Block Lousy Gifts Before They Hit Mail

Patent would allow gift filtering, automatic exchanges

(Newser) - Tired of getting strange, useless gifts from bizarro relatives each year? Now is working on an online solution to the annual holiday headache, patenting a tool to ban lousy gifts and gift-givers, and give you a head start on cashing in on bad presents before they are ever... More »

5 Things to Buy Your Cat for Christmas

What cat wouldn't want a $118 cat scratcher?

(Newser) - A recent survey found that dog owners are more likely to give their pet a Christmas present than cat owners, and that made Brittny Drye sad. On The Stir , she lists five gifts you should consider for your kitty companion this year:
  • Cat Genie: The litter box is "self-flushing
... More »

Why Lousy Gifts Are Good

Opinion: They're downright good for humanity

(Newser) - Amazon plans to unveil a "gift conversion" gizmo designed to protect people from getting bad gifts. If the website detects a stinker coming your way (based on how you set up your profile) it converts that neon orange necktie into a gift certificate, with the sender being none the... More »

You'll Never Use That Fancy Waffle Maker

Gift desires dissolve when confronted with complicated gizmos

(Newser) - Hard as it may be to believe, many people ask for fancy holiday gifts and then barely use them, a shocking new study reveals. “Sometimes the reality of owning an object doesn’t quite measure up to our expectations,” explains a psychologist. Some 59% of gifts in the... More »

Prepare Your Kids for Disappointing Presents

Keep the inner spoiled brat at bay with these tips

(Newser) - With buildup for the holiday season at fever pitch by Halloween, it’s easy to see how kids are set up for disappointment when it comes time to open gifts. From Julie King and Joanna Faber , some tips to keep the inner spoiled brat at bay, not to mention avoid... More »

21 Kinky (and Gross) Christmas Gifts

From Santa dildos to boobie ornaments, these gifts are truly disturbing

(Newser) - Ah, the holidays: A time for family, a time for eggnog and roasting chestnuts, a time for…reindeer thongs? Simcha Whitehill selects the 21 most disturbing "sexy" gifts on The Frisky —check out a few, above, or click here for the complete list. More »

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