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Heroin Being Cut With Drug That Can Kill an Elephant

2 counties in Indiana and Ohio had up to 60 ODs in a 2-day period this week

(Newser) - One hundred times more potent than the drug that played a role in killing Prince and 10,000 times stronger than morphine, carfentanil is the strongest opioid commercially available—an animal tranquilizer so lethal it can kill if absorbed through the skin and permanently take out a 7-ton elephant, per... More »

'Horny' Elephant Kills Handler, Kidnaps 2 Females

The elephant went wild in Thailand, south of Bangkok

(Newser) - A bull elephant in a state of "aggressive sexual excitement" trampled its handler and ran away with two female tourists during an otherwise scenic ride past waterfalls in Thailand, the AP reports. Rescuers tracked the elephant for nearly two miles, then shot it with a tranquilizer and rescued the... More »

Astronauts Are Sky-High—Figuratively

Space explorers have access to some high-test drugs, man

(Newser) - Space is full of unique challenges, and astronauts use contemporary pharmacology to meet them. Discovery News compiles a list of the drugs our ambassadors to space could be on right now:
  • Modafinil. A strong stimulant taken by astronauts when the mission calls for unnaturally long periods of wakefulness.
  • Scopolamine. Crew
... More »

3 Stories