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Meet the Drug That's Powering Wall Street

Prescriptions for Modafinil up 10-fold in decade

(Newser) - Cocaine may no longer be the drug that fuels Wall Street. Instead, traders and start-up entrepreneurs looking to work hard rather than party hard are increasingly turning to a Modafinil—a "smart drug" said to have inspired the film Limitless, in which a writer pops a pill that allows... More »

Astronauts Are Sky-High—Figuratively

Space explorers have access to some high-test drugs, man

(Newser) - Space is full of unique challenges, and astronauts use contemporary pharmacology to meet them. Discovery News compiles a list of the drugs our ambassadors to space could be on right now:
  • Modafinil. A strong stimulant taken by astronauts when the mission calls for unnaturally long periods of wakefulness.
  • Scopolamine. Crew
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2 Stories