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Mags Blast iPad's No-Nipples Policy

'Today the nipple, tomorrow editorial content'

(Newser) - Magazine publishers are complaining that they may as well be working in Iran under Apple demands that content be cleaned up and nipples vanish before editions will be allowed on iPad apps, reports ShinyShiny . It's ironic because the iPad is being touted as the future savior of magazines. But Steve... More »

German Tabloid Rips Apple Strip Censorship

Bild execs rally publishers to battle 'free speech' assault

(Newser) - A German tabloid is screaming censorship over Apple's new application decency standards, which are inhibiting a newspaper promotion that allows readers to "strip" a photo of a daily model by shaking their iPhones. Bild managers have already bowed to Apple restrictions by leaving the models in bikinis after the... More »

Giant Penis a Weapon in War Between Berlin Papers

Left-wing journal parodies rival editor with obscene sculpture

(Newser) - A sculpture depicting a monumental male member has upped the ante in a long-running feud between two Berlin newspapers. The staff of the left-wing Tageszeitung, known as "Taz," have long thumbed their noses at Bild, the widely read, highly profitable tabloid. Taz's latest move: installing a sculpture on... More »

3 Stories