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Google Maps Adds Directions for Bicyclists

New feature takes hills, bike paths, busy streets into account

(Newser) - An eagerly awaited new Google Maps feature plots out directions optimized for bicycle travel. The option doesn’t work for all locations, Wired notes—it covers 150 cities—and for some trips the bike route is identical to the car route. But it does offer alternatives, including steering riders toward... More »

Bike Lane's Next Detour: Fast-Food Drive-Thru

OK, McDonald's isn't on board, but there's a movement

(Newser) - With more cities making room for cyclists, advocates of the two-wheel lifestyle (no-emissions class) are taking aim at another preserve of the gas-powered set: the drive-thru window. One Oregon cyclist got local chain Burgerville to change its policy after being refused service, and a movement was born. “If it’... More »

2 Stories