Lame Horse

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Owner Arrested in Russian Nightclub Fire

Stampede for single exit after fireworks ignited ceiling

(Newser) - Russian authorities have arrested the owner and manager of a nightclub in the industrial city of Perm where a fire killed at least 109 people and critically injured about 90 early this morning. They are said to be looking for another four suspects. "They have neither brains, nor conscience,... More »

Fireworks Blast Kills 100 at Russian Nightclub

140 injured as celebration turns deadly

(Newser) - An explosion and fire caused by fireworks killed more than 100 and injured at least 140 overnight at a nightclub in Russia’s sixth-largest city. The Lame Horse in Perm was celebrating its eighth anniversary, one official says, and “there were fireworks launched at the scene, and one hit... More »

2 Stories