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$70M Picasso Damaged Before Auction

Owner Steve Wynn has been down this road before

(Newser) - Pricey mistake: A Picasso worth an estimated $70 million had to be yanked from an auction at Christie's this week because it sustained damage as workers were preparing it. It's not clear how bad the damage is to Le Marin , or The Sailor, or even how the damage... More »

Portraits of the Obamas Revealed in DC

'That's pretty sharp,' former president says of Kehinde Wiley's likeness of him

(Newser) - The National Portrait Gallery has unveiled portraits of former President Obama and Michelle Obama. Barack Obama's portrait was painted by Kehinde Wiley, an artist best known for his vibrant, large-scale paintings of African-Americans. For Michelle Obama's portrait, the gallery commissioned Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald, first-prize winner of the... More »

Date Allegedly Ends With Ruined Warhols, Potential Life Sentence

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, appeared in court Tuesday

(Newser) - A Dallas woman appeared in court on Tuesday in connection with a December date gone horribly wrong . Following the appearance, the attorney for Lindy Lou Layman said, "We certainly disagree with Mr. Buzbee's rendition of the facts," per People . As for Layman's rendition of the facts,... More »

Quarter-Mile Tribute to Whales Looking for New Home

It's North America's longest painting, completed in 1848, and it's newly restored

(Newser) - A museum has restored the longest painting in North America so it can share the story of American whaling with the public. The New Bedford Whaling Museum enlisted the help of a textile conservator to fix the "Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage Round the World." Now it'... More »

Painting Made by 21-Year-Old in 1982 Sells for $110.5M

Jean-Michel Basquiat masterpiece busts auction records

(Newser) - An artwork created by a 21-year-old American in 1982 broke several records at an auction in New York City Thursday night—including most expensive work by a US artist. Jean-Michel Basquiat's untitled painting of a skull sold for $110.5 million to Japanese fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa, who set... More »

Guy Says He Threw $100M Worth of Stolen Art Away

But no one's really buying Yonathan Birn's story

(Newser) - A co-defendant in one of the world's biggest art heists testified in court Monday he destroyed and threw away five art masterpieces worth more than $100 million that were stolen by a thief nicknamed "the spider-man" by French media. Yonathan Birn, accused of receiving stolen goods, was among... More »

Cops Didn't Expect to Find 'Priceless' Works in Mob Raid

But Italian police turned up two Van Gogh pieces stolen in 2002

(Newser) - It was a day that Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum may have never thought would come. "The paintings have been found!" Axel Rueger, the museum's director, said at a Naples, Italy, press conference Friday, per a release . Those paintings, according to NBC News , are two of the... More »

George W. Bush Publishing Book of His Paintings

It will feature 66 paintings and a mural the former president did of veterans

(Newser) - The next book from former President George W. Bush will be more about pictures than words, the AP reports. Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors will feature 66 paintings and a four-panel mural drawn by Bush of military veterans and those in active... More »

Art World Has Nearly Solved 80-Year-Old Jigsaw Puzzle

René Magritte apparently cut 'The Enchanted Pose' into pieces

(Newser) - An "exciting art world jigsaw puzzle" is nearly complete after the third piece of a painting by Belgian artist René Magritte missing for more than 80 years was recently discovered hiding at the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery in Britain, the Guardian reports. Magritte's The Enchanted Pose... More »

At Long-Dead Artist's Home, a 'Once-in-a-Century' Find

Art experts find unknown Thomas Cole murals, painted around 1836

(Newser) - Art experts working at the summer home and gallery of 19th-century American artist Thomas Cole simply wanted to figure out the original color of the walls. Instead, paint analyst Matthew Mosca uncovered an incredible find: previously unknown friezes on the original plaster of the Catskill, NY, farmhouse, hidden behind layers... More »

Stop Laughing at Bush's Awful Art

Artist Molly Crabapple argues that we shouldn't overlook Bush's tragedies

(Newser) - The media loves George W. Bush's paintings . "They're ideal clickbait-kitsch," and "the benign cherry on his lifetime sundae of fail," observes artist Molly Crabapple at Politico . And she admits that they're fascinating, though not as works of art. "Bush paints like a... More »

Newly Hot Commodity: Dog Art

Two sell for about $200K apiece

(Newser) - A painting of six pooches gazing at a bird has sold for a whopping $212,500, and it's apparently no fluke. The piece, entitled Hounds in a Kennel by William Hamilton Trood, was auctioned off at a special sale held every year right after the Westminster Dog Show, reports... More »

Writer Finds Hitler's Art in Monastery

Jiri Kuchar: seven paintings in Czech Republic worth nearly $3M

(Newser) - A Czech publisher and writer has uncovered a chunk of Adolf Hitler's art collection in a Czech monastery north of Prague, AFP reports. Jiri Kuchar announced his seven-painting find yesterday, valuing it at roughly $2.7 million. "They're part of Hitler's collection of about 45 paintings,... More »

Why Van Gogh's Yellows Are Turning Brown

Chemists seek to save 19th-century works

(Newser) - Vincent van Gogh's paintings of sunflowers aren't as vivid as they used to be and the sun is to blame, say researchers who have solved a problem that has long stumped art conservationists. A team of chemists experimenting with ultraviolet light and tubes of paint belonging to 19th-century artists found... More »

Museums Bet Paintings on Super Bowl

Friendly wager made between Milwaukee, Pittsburgh institutions

(Newser) - Two museums are making Super Bowl XLV a little more interesting. Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum are betting two comparable French impressionist paintings on the big game. If the Steelers prevail, Milwaukee will give up Gustave Caillebotte's Boating on the Yerres, whereas if the Packers... More »

Hitler Paintings to Fetch a Mint

Adolf's art expected to sell for more than $237K

(Newser) - Adolf Hitler, feared dictator and leader of the Nazis, was a struggling artist back in 1908—but now experts say a collection of his paintings could fetch more than $237,000 at auction. The watercolors, depicting views of farmland, villages, and factories, were discovered in an Austrian estate and will... More »

Students Remake 'Starry Night' With Cereal

Utah students' recreation is 30 times bigger than original

(Newser) - A high school class in Utah broke the world record for large re-creation of a Van Gogh painting—and did it with cereal. Humanities teacher Doyle Geddes led his students on the reproduction project this weekend, using hundreds of pounds of multi-colored cereal to make a 72- by 90-foot replica... More »

Greenspan Portraits Sink in Value

When the stock market was hot, so were these paintings

(Newser) - Here's a sign of the times: Whimsical portraits of Alan Greenspan—from his days as a rock star central banker—that were once hot commodities have sunk in value. Not too long ago, these oil paintings and prints by Erin Crowe fetched up to $10,000. Now, not so much.... More »

Italian Cops Seize 19 Hidden Masterpieces

Founder of bankrupt dairy conglomerate stashed them away

(Newser) - Italian tax police seized works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, and other giants of art in a crackdown on assets hidden by the disgraced founder of the collapsed dairy company Parmalat. Authorities estimated the 19 masterpieces stashed away in attics and basements were valued at $150 million. At least one,... More »

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