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Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley: Tiger's Mentors?

The former NBA stars were Woods' Vegas companions

(Newser) - You already know more than you ever wanted to about Tiger Woods’ personal life, but guess what? You still haven’t heard it all. Vanity Fair teases its upcoming article by Mark Seal, which “may be the most complete account to date of the golfer’s secret life”:
  • His
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2007 Woods Cover-Up Exposed

Tiger Woods buried news of an affair with Mindy Lawton, sources say

(Newser) - A Men’s Fitness cover story on Tiger Woods in 2007 was actually a cover-up—a deal made to stop sister publication the National Enquirer from publishing a far more scandalous piece. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal Woods’ team made the deal after the Enquirer approached with pictures of... More »

Another Alleged Mistress: Tiger Liked It Rough

Restaurant manager spills to British tab about hair-pulling, spanking

(Newser) - Another dark-haired woman who works in the hospitality industry has come forward to say—stop us if you've heard this one—she had a fling with Tiger Woods. Mindy Lawton, 33, spills to the UK News of the World about the world's top golfer's peccadilloes: "He wanted to spank... More »

3 Stories