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Worst New Fast Food Items

Menus at Denny's, Olive Garden, and TGI Fridays each feature diet traps

(Newser) - Happy Meals may come with fruit now , but that doesn't mean gut-busters have been wiped from menus. And while Applebee's Provolone-Stuffed Meatballs dish is the stuff of legend, the Daily Beast also ferrets out a few surprises on its list of worst new fast food:
  • California Pizza Kitchen'
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Another Alleged Mistress: Tiger Liked It Rough

Restaurant manager spills to British tab about hair-pulling, spanking

(Newser) - Another dark-haired woman who works in the hospitality industry has come forward to say—stop us if you've heard this one—she had a fling with Tiger Woods. Mindy Lawton, 33, spills to the UK News of the World about the world's top golfer's peccadilloes: "He wanted to spank... More »

2 Stories