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DNA Tests Clear Up Titanic's 'Last Mystery'

Did 2-year-old Loraine Allison perish in 1912 ... or not?

(Newser) - A century later, the word "mystery" has been replaced by "hoax." The Telegraph reports on what it calls the Titanic's "last mystery": What was the fate of Loraine Allison? The 2-year-old passenger was believed to have gone down with the ship, which would make her... More »

Vatican Boots Fake Priest Who Got Past Security

Phony in black fedora showed up with fake entourage

(Newser) - The Vatican today kicked out a phony bishop who got past security and nearly entered a meeting of cardinals who will pick the next pope, USA Today reports. Identified as Ralph Napierski, a German, the man showed up with an entourage of fake assistants and posed for photographs with an... More »

Would You Friend This Fake Person? Probably

Distressing response rate for fake Facebook friend requests

(Newser) - If someone you don’t know, represented only by a photo of a rubber duck, tries to friend you on Facebook, you’ll probably...accept. That’s the conclusion of a study by a security firm that created two fake accounts—the fictitious woman behind the duck was named Daisy... More »

3 Stories