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US Is Pissed, and It Won't Stop Nov. 2

Only economic recovery can soothe the country's anger

(Newser) - Carl Paladino, New York's gay-bashing , racist email-sending gubernatorial candidate, may be the most "clownish" illustration of American rage, but he's no anomaly, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . And, like the "farcical" Christine O'Donnell, Paladino is a "political loss-leader" whose probable defeat lets us laugh... More »

Tea Party Is a Farce

Populists? These are rich white people, they write

(Newser) - Two columnists catching up with the Tax Day rallies skewer the Tea Party movement as a farce, for different reasons:
  • Dana Milbank, Washington Post : It's filled with "faux populists." They "march under slogans such as 'can you hear us now?' and 'we the people,' but their
... More »

Tea Partiers Just Plain Ignorant

Anti-tax activists have no idea how much they pay in taxes

(Newser) - For a movement that frets so much about the “burden of federal taxation,” Tea Party adherents have a remarkably dim understanding of what they actually fork over to Washington. In a recent survey of anti-tax activists in Washington Tuesday, tea partiers thought, on average, that 42% of GDP... More »

Populism Never Wins the White House

It's not Palin's fault she's just a media spectacle: George F. Will

(Newser) - Once upon a time, George F. Will writes, a maverick Arizona senator ran for president with “a running mate most Americans had never heard of and who had negligible experience pertinent to the presidency.” That was 1964, the candidate was Barry Goldwater, and his VP choice was Bill... More »

Anger Fuels Illinois Primary

Former Democratic frontrunners gird for Mass.-style rebuke

(Newser) - Tomorrow Illinois holds the nation’s first primary for this year’s elections, and some are predicting the populist rage recently displayed in Massachusetts will be on display. “It’s a very angry electorate, a very volatile electorate,” a union official tells Politico . Even within the Democratic primary,... More »

Time to Fight Back, Obama

Massachusetts disaster means the president must go populist

(Newser) - It's still not clear exactly how President Obama will adjust to the Massachusetts defeat, but one camp has clear advice: No more Mr. Nice Guy, please. A sampling:
  • Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation: "Going populist is now smart politics and good policy. The Obama White House needs to show,
... More »

Wall Street Bonuses Ripe for Tea Party Rage

Big finance could face populist pitchforks

(Newser) - Bailed-out Wall Street execs handing themselves hefty bonuses this month should prepare for outrage not only from Dems inside the Beltway but from tea partiers, who hold their first convention in Nashville next month. The rage that has been focused on big government and health care reform could easily swing... More »

Goldman May Force More to Donate to Charity

Face-saving program would be similar to 4% rule at Bear Stearns

(Newser) - As Goldman Sachs prepares to lavish spectacular bonuses on employees this month—based on record profits of about $12 billion for 2009—the investment bank is mulling a face-saving program that would require more employees to donate to charity. Goldman already has such a program, which targets about 400 top-earners.... More »

Far Right, Left Rage Against Bernanke

Unlikely coalition of activists of all stripes target Fed chair

(Newser) - They're mad as hell at Ben Bernanke, and willing to work together—even if they don't agree on anything else—to block the Fed chairman's renomination. Populist anger at Wall Street bailouts and lack of transparency at the Fed has created a surprising coalition of right- and left-wingers that's gaining... More »

9 Stories