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Court Backs 'ABC' Test: 'This Could Ruin the Gig Economy'

California's top court makes it harder for companies to have independent contractors

(Newser) - A new ruling from the California Supreme Court might mean big trouble for the business model of companies such as Uber and Lyft. The upshot is that Monday's decision makes it harder for companies to classify employees as independent contractors, reports the Los Angeles Times . "This could ruin... More »

An Uber Headache? 2 Drivers Awarded Unemployment

Which means the NY Labor Department considers them employees

(Newser) - Uber has been fighting tooth and nail to keep its drivers classified as independent contractors rather than employees, with success . Now, a speed bump in New York: The state's Department of Labor in August and September ruled that two Uber drivers are eligible for unemployment payments, the New York ... More »

One Part of New Uber Deal: Drivers Can Encourage Tips

But they'll remain independent contractors

(Newser) - It will cost Uber up to $100 million and some significant policy concessions, but the ride-hailing company is forging forward with its thriving business model by keeping its drivers independent contractors—for now, the AP reports. Uber settled major class-action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts that sought employee status and... More »

'Tens of Billions' Wasted on War Contractors: Report

'Criminal behavior and blatant corruption' a bad combo with 'ill-conceived projects'

(Newser) - The US has misspent “tens of billions of dollars” on contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan—at minimum—according to a new report from a bipartisan commission set up to scrutinize the issue. The report bemoaned problems like “ill-conceived projects,” “poor planning and oversight by the US... More »

US Can't Ignore 'Shadow' Labor Market of Freelancers

Even 'independent workers need a net when they fall'

(Newser) - News that more people are choosing to go freelance in the labor market has Derek Thompson a little worried. The flexibility may be appealing, especially to the younger set, but this "freelance market has grown in the last decade into something like a skyscraper built on string and haystacks:... More »

Wrestlers Smack Down McMahon Senate Run

WWE offered no health insurance, made sport seedy, scandal-ridden

(Newser) - A raft of former WWE wrestlers hope some well-aimed punches at ex-CEO Linda McMahon will send her Senate campaign to the mat. In addition to not providing health coverage—the wrestlers are independent contractors—they fault McMahon, a Connecticut Republican running for Chris Dodd's seat, for coarsening the spectacle. "... More »

6 Stories