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Barbie Gets 3 New Body Types

Tall, curvy, and petite models, plus a slew of skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles

(Newser) - Project Dawn—mission complete at Mattel. The toy company more fully explained this secret initiative Thursday, and it involves an industry icon getting what the Washington Post calls "the makeover the world has been waiting for." Barbie dolls will now be available in four body shapes: the original... More »

New Dove Deodorant Makes Underarms Prettier!

Finally, someone solved this very important problem

(Newser) - Ladies, be honest: What are you looking for in your deodorant? Clearly, you’re hoping it will curb odors, but beyond that, wouldn’t it be great if it also gave you beautiful armpits? Enter Unilever, whose Dove "Ultimate Go Sleeveless" deodorant hits stores this week and promises to... More »

Dove Wants 'Real' Beauties ...With 'Flawless' Skin

Apparently 'real' women don't have scars

(Newser) - Dove is all about “Real Beauty”—but its next “real” campaign is only open to women with “flawless skin.” Odd, since the campaign is supposed to “make a statement about all the unrealistic images of women the world is bombarded with daily,” writes... More »

Dating Site for Hotties Culls Fatties

BeautifulPeople members saw holiday pudge, weren't having it

(Newser) - Some 5,000 members of the online dating site are members no more after their discerning compatriots booted them for beefing up over the holidays. “Vigilant members” of the community, which has a strict “ugly people” ban, noticed a slew of photos over the New Year... More »

Tiger's Penchant for Barbie Dolls Is Depressing

Woods' taste in women is so narrow it's sad, says Eugene Robinson

(Newser) - They look so much like Barbies, “Mattel could sue for trademark infringement,” writes Eugene Robinson, who finds Tiger's taste in women the saddest of the sad facts of his serial philandering. It points to the deep insecurity of a man who "appears to have bought into an... More »

5 Stories