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Gumbel: I Was Embarrassed by Today 'Co-Host' Palin

What happened to 'gravitas,' he wants to know

(Newser) - Former Today show anchor Bryant Gumbel was "embarrassed" when NBC named Sarah Palin co-host for a day last week. Hosts “used to be judged not just on their popularity, but the extent to which they were capable of interviewing someone or reporting on a situation, or able to... More »

NBC Fires Worker Who Posted 'What Is the Internet' Video

Network isn't laughing, even if everyone else is

(Newser) - Most people got a chuckle over the 1994 video of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel struggling to understand that new Internet thing, but not everybody's laughing: NBC fired the employee who posted it, reports the All Things Digital blog . “The individual in question violated the company’s standards of... More »

Couric, Gumbel: What's an Internet?

Ah, the painful musings of the past

(Newser) - Remember 1994? Neither does your Newser! But apparently it was a magical time of pre-crazy Mel Gibson, Dems getting trounced in midterm elections, and ... talking heads on the teevee trying to explain something called the "Internet." Observe as Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel wonder aloud: "What is... More »

Barbara Walters Plans View Spinoff—With Guys

Show will compete for Oprah's old timeslot

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey’s impending departure is going to leave a big daytime talk void, and Barbara Walters thinks she can fill it with a new “unisex” version of the View. Sources tell the New York Daily News that Walters and View co-creator Bill Geddie are working on what the... More »

Bryant Gumbel Has Lung Cancer

Sportscaster and host had surgery to remove malignant tumor

(Newser) - Bryant Gumbel is being treated for lung cancer and had part of his lung removed last month to excise a malignant tumor. The TV host and sportscaster, 61, revealed his condition today on Live! With Regis and Kelly, when he turned down an exhortation to dance and then explained why,... More »

5 Stories