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Is It Time to Revoke Obama’s Peace Prize?

Not until we revoke Arafat's, ElBaradei's, writes Allahpundit

(Newser) - In the wake of the US military intervention in Libya, Bolivian President Evo Morales thinks it's time to take back President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize . On Hot Air , Allahpundit begs to differ. Despite Morales' insistence that no Nobel Peace Prize winner should lead "a gang to attack and invade,... More »

First Dog Bo Cost $1,600

Obama family's Portuguese water dog was a gift from Ted Kennedy

(Newser) - The Obama family's Portuguese water dog, Bo, cost $1,600, according to financial disclosure documents made public today. The scoop on Bo's price tag is the most interesting tidbit from the forms; President Obama's financial situation was made clear when his tax returns were released last month, the Washington Post... More »

How Obama Can Earn the Peace Prize

Get out of Iraq, stop the drone attacks, and get a state for Palestine

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize was more of a nudge toward peace than a recognition of his accomplishments in pursuit of it. Juan Cole of Salon offers some ways Obama could live up to the award:
  • Get out of Iraq on time. We’ve done what we can, and the
... More »

Obama Arrives in Oslo

Protesters mar peace prize ceremony

(Newser) - Obama's motorcade arrived at Oslo's high-rise government complex to a few dozen anti-war protesters gathered behind wire fences nearby. Obama's first stop was the Norwegian Nobel Institute, where the Nobel committee meets to decide who gets the prestigious prize. After signing the guest book at the Institute with a lengthy... More »

Nobel Speech Bedevils Wartime President

Obama faces minefield in Oslo tomorrow

(Newser) - What to say when you're a Nobel Peace Prize winner who's just ordered 30,000 more troops to war? Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Oslo tomorrow presents a rhetorical minefield, testing the president's ability to articulate a moral vision for his foreign policy in the face of an escalating war... More »

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