Frosty the Snowman

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NJ Family Ordered to Cover Snow Babe

'We were trying for Venus de Milo,' says mom

(Newser) - A Jersey family was trying for a classy snow sculpture evocative of the delicious Venus de Milo, but got a frosty reception from neighbors who viewed the hot snow lady as an x-rated vulgarity. A cop, who admired the frosty queen, ordered the family to cover her up and she... More »

Raunchy CBS Snowman Frosts Critics

This Frosty has a porn collection, loves boobs, S&M

(Newser) - CBS spoof videos which feature Frosty the Snowman frequenting strip joints, drooling over boobs, amassing a porn collection and gushing over his favorite S&M whip are getting a chilly reception from a number of fans. The online videos, which all run as Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman, is a promotion... More »

2 Stories