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She Didn't Even Want to Vote. Now She's Going to Jail for It

Convicted felon who'd been on supervised release says she didn't know she couldn't vote

(Newser) - Crystal Mason cast her vote in the 2016 presidential election just like millions of other Americans—but unlike millions of other Americans, the Texas woman was a convicted felon, and on Wednesday she was sentenced to five years for that vote in Tarrant County. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Mason,... More »

Virginia Ditches Civil War-Era Rule, Lets Felons Vote

Gov. Terry McAuliffe restoring rights to felons

(Newser) - Since the Civil War, convicted felons in Virginia have been stripped of their right to vote. That will change Friday as Gov. Terry McAuliffe signs an executive order restoring the voting rights of some 206,000 nonviolent and violent felons, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . They'll also be able to... More »

California Too Broke to Disarm Felons, Mentally Ill

State has backlog of 19K gun owners to disarm

(Newser) - People afraid the government will take their guns away might want to consider a move to California, where the state is too broke to take guns away from felons and other people it is supposed to disarm. Law enforcement officials say budget cuts have left authorities with a backlog of... More »

'Innocent' NC Men Sit in Prison on Gun Convictions

Justice Department won't release scores who didn't technically break law

(Newser) - The Justice Department refuses to release scores of North Carolina inmates that it acknowledges are innocent—lack of guilt that many of the inmates themselves aren't even aware of. A USA Today investigation identified more than 60 men who essentially became innocent overnight last year, when an appeals court... More »

W.Va. Dem Primary: Obama 60%, Felon 40%

Texas jailbird Keith Judd comes close in coal country

(Newser) - A felon serving time in a Texas prison has managed to give President Obama a run for his money in West Virginia's Democratic primary. Keith Judd, who is serving a federal sentence for extortion, took 40% of the vote to Obama's 60%, the highest result of any Democratic... More »

For Felon Mayor-Elect, Redemption Is Denied

Small town OK with past, Ariz. board isn't

(Newser) - Christopher Linder persuaded the people of a small Oklahoma town to elect him as their mayor despite his criminal past, but he couldn't persuade a clemency board in Arizona to scrub his felony convictions. The 33-year-old former gang member, convicted of transporting marijuana and taking part in a drive-by... More »

Cops Catch 1 Escapee in Wyo.

One still on lam with his fiancee/cousin

(Newser) - Federal agents today captured one of the two convicted killers who escaped from an Arizona prison, and were still searching for the other inmate and a suspected accomplice. Tracy Province was arrested with a handgun in northwest Wyoming, about 60 miles outside Yellowstone National Park, said a US Marshal. The... More »

Glenn Beck Rips Ill. Rep's Hubby

Rep. Jan Schakowsky's spouse compares Fox host to McCarthy

(Newser) - Glenn Beck picked the wrong congressperson's spouse to pick on. The Fox host went after Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s husband, Robert Creamer, who has done time for bank fraud, claiming he wrote a “prison manifesto” the Obama administration is following for health care reform. "This is a... More »

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