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Brad's Brother: Leave Angie!

Brad's family no fan of Angelina Jolie, but sources split on rumors

(Newser) - As rumors of a Brangelina break-up threaten to overtake even the Tiger Woods drama, everyone is weighing in—and Brad Pitt’s family is firmly on Team Jen. Sources tell the Sun Pitt’s brother Doug has been urging Brad to end the non-marriage, which has been “loveless” for... More »

Meet Trevor Neilson, Brangelina Puppetmaster

Ian Halperin tome reveals the man behind the brand

(Newser) - Insiders are split on the sincerity of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s global philanthropy spree, but everyone knows exactly who crafted their do-gooder image: Trevor Neilson. The “Hollywood philanthropy adviser” extraordinaire "practically created Brangelina,” an insider tells Ian Halperin for his book Brangelina. “It's practically... More »

2 Stories