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Sweden Brings Back Military Draft—and Adds Women

Nation cites a deteriorating security environment and a lack of trained personnel

(Newser) - Sweden's left-leaning government introduced a military draft for both men and women Thursday because of what its defense minister called a deteriorating security environment in Europe and around Sweden, the AP reports. Sweden abolished compulsory military service for men in 2010 because there were enough volunteers to meet its... More »

Women Won't Have to Register for Draft After All

One senator calls it 'a victory for common sense'

(Newser) - Should conscription ever again be necessary in the United States, it'll still be men called first. Though now eligible to fill combat posts, women will not be forced to register for involuntary military service beginning in January 2018. The provision mandating that women sign up—backed by women's... More »

Top Generals Want Women to Register for Draft

'Every American who's physically qualified should register'

(Newser) - The US military's opening of all combat roles to women has also apparently opened the door for unisex conscription. At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, the chiefs of the Army and Marine Corps testified that they believe it's time for women to register for the... More »

UAE Brings in Conscription

Gulf nation worried about 'difficult neighbors'

(Newser) - Does the United Arab Emirates spy trouble ahead? The Gulf nation has introduced a law requiring all males over 18 to serve at least nine months in the military, or two years if they haven't finished high school, Al Jazeera reports. Officials say the conscription law, which follows a... More »

Swiss Hate War, but Want to Keep Big Army

Country votes 73% in favor of keeping the military draft

(Newser) - The paradox that is Switzerland: Due to its stance of neutrality, the country hasn't been in an international war in 200 years, yet it continues its policy of mandatory military conscription for young men. And that's the way the Swiss like it, apparently, with 73% of the country... More »

To End Afghan War, Reinstitute the Draft

People didn't oppose the Vietnam war, they opposed going to fight in it

(Newser) - There’s one surefire way to end the war in Afghanistan: bring back the draft. After all, that's what worked in the '60s, writes cartoonist Jeff Danziger, who was drafted and served in Vietnam. The protests over that war ripped the country apart, grinding the war effort to a halt.... More »

6 Stories