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Bay Area Overrun by Thousands of Chihuahuas

Victims of overbreeding, neglect

(Newser) - California's Bay Area has a pint-sized problem roaming its streets: Thousands of stray Chihuahuas, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Hugely popular on the left coast, the dogs were overbred and now crowd animal shelters—making up half to three-quarters of dogs surrendered—and spill over onto the streets. "... More »

150 New Yorkers Vie for 15 Chihuahuas

California ships purse dogs East—but doesn't send enough

(Newser) - The migration of Chihuahuas from overloaded California shelters to the East Coast has gotten a lot of press—maybe too much. The publicity led 150 New Yorkers to line up outside the ASPCA yesterday to compete for 15 Chihuahuas. “This is a fucking joke,” one would-be owner tells... More »

California Ships Cast-Off Chihuahuas East

Shelters in other parts of the country happy to take popular breed

(Newser) - Just in time for the holidays, New Hampshire has dozens of Chihuahuas available for adoption thanks to a new project. A group of animal lovers, including actress Katherine Heigl, launched Project Flying Chihuahuas after hearing about the overpopulation of the diminutive breed in California shelters (some call it “Paris... More »

Calif. Shelters See Surge in Chihuahuas

Fashion dogs on track to eclipse pit bulls as most abandoned

(Newser) - A Hollywood-fueled demand for Chihuahuas in California has morphed into shelter populations that make up 50% of the dogs in some places. “It's been a slow and steady climb,” a San Francisco animal control spokeswoman tells the Los Angeles Times . “We call it the Paris Hilton syndrome.... More »

4 Stories