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Teens Break Into Home, Party, Put Pics on Facebook

Dad finds pics, hands them over to police

(Newser) - Word to the wise: If you're gonna break into someone's house and throw a rager, don't post the pictures to prove it on Facebook. That's what appears to have happened in South Carolina recently, when a family went on vacation around July Fourth, reports WCNC . The... More »

Cops: Nameplate Thief Posts Facebook Photo

Steven Mulhall accused of taking it ... from a judge

(Newser) - If you're going to steal the nameplate of a judge off his door, fine, have fun. But don't have a photo snapped of yourself holding the nameplate and then post it on Facebook, as Steven Mulhall, 21, of Coral Springs, Florida, is accused of doing, reports the Sun ... More »

Nursing Student Wins Facebook Placenta Pic Case

Doyle Byrnes can return to school, says judge

(Newser) - Apparently it is OK to post pictures of yourself posing with someone else’s placenta on Facebook, at least according to one federal judge. Doyle Byrnes, the nursing student who was expelled after doing just that , won her case against Johnson County Community College and will be allowed to resume... More »

Nursing Student Takes Photo With Placenta, Gets Expelled

Doyle Byrnes posted picture on Facebook then got the boot

(Newser) - Facebook claims yet another victim: A Kansas nursing student is fighting back after taking a photo of herself with a human placenta and posting it on Facebook—then getting expelled. Doyle Byrnes has filed a complaint in US District Court in Kansas seeking to force Johnson County Community College to... More »

In the Delivery Room: Doctor, Nurses ... Hairdresser?

Thanks to Facebook, moms are pushing out babies then putting on lipstick

(Newser) - In our Facebook-obsessed world, giving birth comes with new expectations: that photos of the baby will be posted stat ... which has many new moms primping for the occasion. Wary of having sweaty, exhausted pictures circulated online, many are lining up hair appointments, getting a last-minute mani-pedi, packing lipstick, and buying... More »

Facebook to Quit Flashing Pictures of Your Ex

Facebook changes 'Photo Memories' algorithm after complaints

(Newser) - Facebook has heard your sad, lonely-hearted cries, and will from now on stop rubbing pictures of your ex in your face. In case you have been blessedly spared this phenomenon, some Facebook pages sport a “Photo Memories” box that shows you old photos from your friends—and which, until... More »

Those Deleted Facebook Pics? Not Actually Deleted

Sixteen months later, one writer's photo can still be found

(Newser) - Despite all Facebook’s talk about improving privacy, it still takes an awfully long time for photos to actually be deleted from the site. Jacqui Cheng experimented with deleting one of her photos from Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook last year . Flickr and Twitter removed the photos within seconds—meaning... More »

7 Things You Should Really Stop Taking Photos Of

Boring vacation scenery pictures, for one

(Newser) - Listen up: 11-photo-long spreads of the French toast you made for breakfast are boring. Are you trying to shove your cooking skills in our face, or are you really concerned about, 30 years from now, forgetting every meal you ate? The Oatmeal unleashes its graphic wisdom on six other subjects... More »

39% of Young Women 'Addicted' to Facebook

One-third check social media before doing anything else

(Newser) - If you’re a woman between 18 and 34, there’s a 34% chance you check your social networks first thing in the morning…even before taking a potty break. More from a recent Oxygen Media study, via Mashable :
  • Of the 1,605 young women sampled, 42% think it’s
... More »

Baby With Bong Shocks Facebook

Mom insists baby isn't smoking, but still...

(Newser) - Forget that baby who smokes cigarettes —this one smokes a bong, at least if an ill-advised Facebook photo is to be believed. Florida’s child protection agency is investigating the family of the 11-month-old shown in the picture, WJXT reports. A spokesperson says they are “alarmed that any... More »

Facebook Privacy Rollback Reveals Founder's Pics

Guarded Zuckerberg's partying ways revealed

(Newser) - Facebook’s much-maligned push to get users to make everything public has had the delicious and possibly unintended consequence of broadcasting all of Mark Zuckerberg’s embarrassing pictures to the world. Until now, Facebook’s founder had kept a closed profile, with only one photo of himself visible to the... More »

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