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Flip Creator Scores $10M for Grilled Cheese Venture

Yes, you heard us correctly: grilled cheese

(Newser) - The next logical step for Jonathan Kaplan, creator of the Flip video camera, is clearly ... grilled cheese sandwiches. Kaplan announced his new project yesterday at the D9 conference, and revealed that he snagged a whopping $10 million in venture funding. (Kaplan wouldn't actually specify the amount, but VentureBeat does... More »

Older, Cheaper Gadgets Make Great Gifts

Spend much less, get slightly less, but hey, it's a recession

(Newser) - A bunch of older gadgets—read: last year's models—"work fantastically well yet have been largely forgotten," Farhad Manjoo writes on Slate . What's more, they're relatively cheap, and perfect for the penny-pinching holiday shopper. A sampling:
  • Kindle 1: The design is a bit "off-putting," and the
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2 Stories