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Starting Pay for Federal Workers Rises—a Lot

But overall, federal pay growth is slow

(Newser) - It’s a good time to be an entry-level federal worker, according to a new USA Today analysis: Starting pay is much higher today than it was for the same positions in years past. For example, the average salary for a 20- to 24-year-old government auto mechanic was $46,427... More »

Congress Dished Out $6.1M in Staff Bonuses

Paychecks boosted as spending debate raged

(Newser) - Even as the austerity-conscious House was threatening a government shutdown earlier this year, dozens of representatives were giving their staff $6.1 million in bonuses, reports CNN . The bonuses were hard to track down, and were generally hidden as "other compensation" in expense reports, with Republicans handing out $908,... More »

Union: Boycott Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin

That is, if you can afford to vacation at all

(Newser) - A Chicago-based federal employees union is urging its members to put off their vacations, stop going out to dinner, and otherwise tighten their belts in the face of a two-year pay freeze and Washington’s general newfound zeal for spending cuts. And it’s adding that if they are going... More »

Why Obama Should Cut, Not Freeze, Federal Wages

We need to hire more people for less money

(Newser) - President Obama introduced a proposal to freeze federal salaries yesterday—or, as Annie Lowrey of Slate calls it, a “wishy-washy plan to hurt some workers without helping others.” Obama’s plan just underscores how much the conversation has shifted from our short-term employment crisis to our long-term deficit... More »

Number of Feds Making Six Figures Rises

Government salaries jump in recession; average is $71K

(Newser) - The number of federal employees making more than $100,000 a year has surged since the start of the recession, jumping from 14% a year and a half ago to 19% today. As salaries have increased, those making the most have gotten the biggest raises. When the recession began, for... More »

5 Stories