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'Super Grass' to Reduce Methane Emissions From Belching Cows

Researchers say they're able to genetically modify the grass for easier digestion

(Newser) - The grass is about to get greener thanks to DNA technology out of Denmark. Researchers say they've genetically modified a "super grass" that is easier on cow's stomachs, thereby helping them digest the grass more easily and thus belch out less methane gas, reports the BBC . (No,... More »

Scientists Devise Way to Clean Up Cow Burps

Small molecule could also curb greenhouse gas emissions

(Newser) - Cows are notorious methane gas producers, belching somewhere between 132 and 264 gallons of gas produced by food fermenting in the rumen (one of the four parts of their stomachs) every day. As the Washington Post reports, that's so significant that ruminant animals—including sheep and goats—actually contribute... More »

Scientists' $10M Goal: Burpless Cows

They'll try to cut methane emissions through selective breeding

(Newser) - A team of international scientists is going to spend $10 million to try to breed a herd of all-star cows—ones that don't burp a lot. The idea is to cut down on the cows' methane emissions, which would have a two-fold benefit, explains the Verge : It would help... More »

UK Farmers Put Cows on Special Diet to Help Climate

They should burp less on linseed

(Newser) - Farmers across the pond have hit on an interesting way of fighting climate change: They’re feeding their cows a “health food” diet of linseed to make them belch and fart less. And yes, this is the same linseed you see in the natural supplements aisle at health food... More »

Your Guide to Greenhouse Gases

Carbon dioxide you know, but what about perfluorocarbons?

(Newser) - With things set to really heat up next week at the Copenhagen climate summit, the Guardian runs down greenhouse gases you oughta know:
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): Industrialization and deforestation have produced high levels of this gas, which helps trap heat inside Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Methane (CH4): Thirty times more dangerous
... More »

5 Stories