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Knox Leaves Prison

Mercedes carries her away 90 minutes after verdict

(Newser) - Amanda Knox left prison today, a free woman for the first time in four years, after an Italian appeals court threw out the young American's murder conviction in the sexual assault and stabbing death of her British roommate. About 90 minutes after the verdict was handed down, a black... More »

Knox Supporters Weep, Cheer Upon Verdict

'I'm sure she's wounded,' says family friend

(Newser) - Tears flowed as people clapped and cheered at a gathering of Amanda Knox's friends and family in Seattle today, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. Gathered around a television at the Fairmount Hotel, where they had stayed overnight, the group of more than 30 was uncertain what had happened until they... More »

DNA Experts: Knox Evidence 'Not Reliable'

Knox's defense gets boost from DNA report

(Newser) - Independent experts are disputing much of the forensic evidence collected against Amanda Knox, saying in a report today that some of the DNA traces used to convict Knox and Raffaele Sollecito may have been contaminated. Knox's defense had eagerly been awaiting the review's conclusions, and hope it boosts... More »

Amanda Knox Appeal Begins

Defense to challenge conviction 'from A to Z'

(Newser) - Round 2 begins: Amanda Knox appeared back in court in Italy yesterday to begin her appeal of a murder conviction in the slaying of Meredith Kercher, the New York Times reports. By the looks of things, attention hasn't waned: “We have to get used to the idea that this... More »

Amanda Knox: I'm Trapped in 'Limbo'

New book dishes on her life behind bars

(Newser) - Excerpts from a new book provide a glimpse into Amanda Knox 's life "in limbo"—otherwise known as an Italian prison. The as-yet released book, Take Me With You, chronicles the convicted killer's life behind bars and her hopes for the future. "I miss my family. I... More »

Amanda Knox: I Want to Adopt

New book says Foxy Knox also wants to be a writer

(Newser) - She hasn't exactly cultivated a maternal image, nor a resume most adoption agencies would drool over, but Amanda Knox tells an Italian lawmaker that she wants to adopt kids—you know, when she gets out of that whole prison thing. The lawmaker, Rocco Girlanda, is publishing a book, Take Me ... More »

Prosecutors Seek Life for Knox

Yank already sentenced to 26 years

(Newser) - Italian prosecutors have filed an appeal seeking to boost American student Amanda Knox's murder sentence to life in prison. Knox, convicted late last year of brutally killing roommate Meredith Kercher, is already serving 26 years. Her family tells ABC News they're "quite disappointed" by the action. They plan to... More »

Court Cuts Kercher Killer's Sentence to 16 Years

Rudy Guede was tried separately from Amanda Knox

(Newser) - The first person convicted in the murder of Meredith Kercher had his sentence cut in half to 16 years today. An appeals court in Italy upheld the conviction of Rudy Guede but cut his prison time for reasons that won't be made public for 90 days. "I am not... More »

Amanda Knox: 'I Am Scared'

In jailhouse interview, American says she remains hopeful

(Newser) - Amanda Knox is scared but hopeful 8 days after an Italian court sentenced her to 26 years in prison for the murder of her British roommate."I am scared because I don't know what is going on," the 22-year-old American said during a 10-minute visit to her 97-square-foot... More »

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