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Could FBI Info Have Stopped Powell From Killing Kids?

FBI found child porn on computer at least 17 months before murder-suicide

(Newser) - On Saturday, the Salt Lake Tribune revealed that before he killed his two young sons and himself, the FBI had caught Josh Powell—husband of Susan Powell , missing since 2009—with child pornography on his computer. Now the lawyer for Susan Powell's parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, responds to... More »

Cadaver Dogs to Search Home in Susan Powell Case

They'll search father-in-law's former home

(Newser) - Four and a half years after Susan Powell's disappearance in December 2009, cadaver dogs will search the home that used to belong to her father-in-law. Steven Powell was convicted of voyeurism in 2012 after taking photos of his neighbors' daughters; the neighbors got a $2 million judgment and acquired... More »

Cops: We Can't Solve Susan Powell Case

Release new details, including husband's alleged affair

(Newser) - Josh Powell reportedly had an affair just months before his wife disappeared, and his brother may have been "heavily involved" in getting rid of her body, Utah police revealed as they announced they couldn't solve the sensational case. The West Valley City Police Department yesterday opened its books... More »

Police Seek Susan Powell's Body in Oregon

Authorities running short on leads: father

(Newser) - More than a year after her husband killed himself and their kids in a home explosion, police are searching the Oregon woods for signs of Susan Powell's body. Cadaver dogs were on the rural hunt for Powell, a Utah woman who has been missing since 2009, Fox 13 reports.... More »

Powell Brother Kills Himself

Michael Powell jumps off parking garage in Minneapolis

(Newser) - You probably thought the story of the Powell family couldn't get any more screwed up or depressing, but you'd be wrong. About a year after Josh Powell (a suspect in wife Susan's 2009 disappearance) blew up his home while he and his two sons were still inside,... More »

Father-in-Law Had 4.5K Secret Pics of Susan Powell

Authorities found photos, some of which are sexually suggestive

(Newser) - Thousands of images seized from the home of Susan Powell's father-in-law show the missing Utah mother as she walks in public and sits in her car—apparently unaware that someone is taking her picture. The 4,500 photos, some of which are sexually suggestive, were obtained under public records... More »

Josh Powell's Dad Convicted of Voyeurism

Steve Powell had photos of two neighbor girls in the bathroom

(Newser) - Steve Powell, father-in-law of the missing Susan Powell , has been found guilty of 14 counts of voyeurism in Washington state, reports CBS . The charges originated with Susan Powell's disappearance, after police say they found pictures of her in a search of Steve Powell's home. Yesterday's convictions weren'... More »

Police Found Blood, Note in Susan Powell Disappearance

But her husband was never charged

(Newser) - Based on newly revealed evidence from Susan Powell's disappearance in 2009 , husband Josh—who killed himself and two sons by blowing up his house last month — should have been charged with her murder, says one prosecutor getting his first look at the case. Investigators in 2009 called Josh... More »

Cops Buy Plots to Keep Powell Away From Sons

Father won't be buried next to sons he killed

(Newser) - Police in Washington state have made sure Josh Powell won't be buried next to the sons he murdered. The officers, using their own money and funds donated to Crimestoppers, have bought the plots next to the graves of 7-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old Braden, who were buried earlier this week... More »

Josh Powell's House Was Part of His Ruse: Detectives

He just staged it to seem like he was living there

(Newser) - More twisted revelations in the case of Josh Powell and his murdered boys: Detectives addressing residents in the neighborhood where Powell blew up his house explained that the home was actually part of Powell's ruse. After losing custody of Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, Powell was told he would... More »

Police Find Papers Powell Dumped Before Killing Boys

Volunteers also recover books, Utah map at recycling site

(Newser) - Authorities are poring over papers belonging to Josh Powell that were found at a recycling center over the weekend, along with books and a map of Utah. Volunteers sifted through more than 10 tons of paper to find items that Powell had dropped off the day before blowing himself up... More »

Family, Teachers Remember Powell Boys

Charlie, Braden remembered by people of all faiths

(Newser) - The family of missing Utah woman Susan Powell thanked police, social workers, teachers, and everyone who cared about her two sons at a funeral today for the boys who were killed by their father in a gas-fueled blaze. The boys' grandfather Chuck Cox also thanked people of all faiths who... More »

Powell Told Sons He Had 'Big Surprise' for Them

Incest images found on Josh Powell's computer

(Newser) - When a social worker brought Josh Powell's sons for their final, deadly visit, she heard Powell tell the two excited little boys he had a "big surprise" for them—so they rushed into his home, where he quickly killed them. "He caught my eye, his shoulders were... More »

Westboro to Face Off With Occupy at Powell Funeral

Phelps family thinks boys died because of Washington's same-sex marriage bill

(Newser) - The relentlessly classy folks at the Westboro Baptist Church are at it again. Margie Phelps announced today that her family intends to picket the funerals of Charlie and Braden Powell, the children, aged 7 and 5 respectively, who were blown up by their father this week, the News Tribune reports.... More »

Susan Powell Father-in-Law Now a 'Person of Interest'

Steven Powell May Know Something About Her Disappearance: Police

(Newser) - Police in Utah trying to find the body of Susan Powell after more than two years have labeled her father-in-law a person of interest in the case, reports Utah's . Police are specifying that Steven Powell isn't a suspect in her disappearance but that he may have... More »

Powell Attacked Sons With Ax Before Blast

Braden, Charlie reportedly didn't want to visit dad Josh Powell

(Newser) - The dad who blew up his two young sons and himself in his Washington state home attacked the boys with an ax minutes before the blast, according to authorities. Brothers Braden, 5, and Charlie, 7, suffered deep gashes to their neck and head just before dad Josh Powell lighted 10... More »

Boys Killed in Explosion Had Started to Talk About Mom

Susan Powell's parents say Charlie, 7, said 'Mommy was in the trunk'

(Newser) - Behind the tragic explosion in Washington state that authorities say Josh Powell intentionally triggered, killing himself and his two young sons, a possible motive. The lawyer for Susan Powell's parents yesterday told the AP that Charlie and Braden, ages 7 and 5, were starting to remember things about the... More »

Missing Mom's Husband Blows Up Sons, Self

Josh Powell grabbed boys, torched gas-filled home: cops

(Newser) - A Washington state man suspected in his wife's disappearance pulled his two young sons away from a social service worker at his doorstep, locked her out, and exploded his gas-filled home, according to authorities. Three charred bodies found yesterday at the blackened shell are believed to be those of... More »

Cops: Missing Utah Woman's Hubby Clams Up

Refusal to talk 'disappointing,' but Joshua Powell not a suspect

(Newser) - The husband of missing Utah woman Susan Powell has declined to grant authorities a third interview and has also retained counsel. Police seem positively jilted. “This is very disappointing to us and it is not helpful for this missing person investigation at all,” a cop tells the Salt ... More »

Utah Cops Grill Hubby About Missing Wife

Spouse says he was camping with toddler sons

(Newser) - Utah police are questioning a man a second time about his missing wife and the mother of his two young children. Susan Powell, 28, vanished from her suburban Salt Lake City home in early December without taking her purse or cell phone. Her husband told police he was camping with... More »

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