Tiger Woods Child Services

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New Tiger Mistresses Emerge

Theresa Rogers, Julie Postle linked to Woods

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ 14th alleged mistress—or 16th, depending on who’s counting—has emerged: Theresa Rogers is both the oldest and the longest-lasting of the golfer’s galpals, and has already hired the same attorney as Rachel Uchitel, AKA mistress No. 1. Rogers, who is in her 40s, began her... More »

Child Services Visits Woods' Home

Plus, no Tiger in Playgirl —and no Rachel Uchitel in Playboy

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ bad publicity woes just continue to pile on: He got a visit from the Department of Children and Families Friday, an official confirms. The visit came after a complaint, but no word on who complained about what. The case is still being evaluated, TMZ reports. More on the... More »

2 Stories