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Mary Jo Buttafuoco on Amy Fisher: 'She's Kind of a Waste'

Buttafuoco also shares with Dr. Oz how life has been since she had facial surgery

(Newser) - It's been a quarter of a century since Amy Fisher (aka "the Long Island Lolita") showed up on the doorstep of Mary Jo Buttafuoco, and shot the wife of her lover Joey Buttafuoco in the face. This week, the 62-year-old Buttafuoco, who survived the 1992 attack, spoke... More »

Trump Tells Dr. Oz He Wants to Lose 15 Pounds

But overall health details are scant in taping

(Newser) - Donald Trump considers campaigning his exercise, wants to drop 15 or so pounds, and enjoys fast food, according to the candidate's appearance on Dr. Oz. CNN reports Trump taped an episode of the popular daytime show Wednesday that will air on Thursday. While Trump surprised Dr. Mehmet Oz—who... More »

Trump Retreats From Dr. Oz Health Reveal

Physical results to be released later this week

(Newser) - As rival Hillary Clinton takes flak for being too secretive about her health records, Donald Trump has backed off a plan to reveal the results of his physical on national TV. Instead, daughter Ivanka Trump called her father's health "unbelievable," notes Politico , saying that "I was... More »

Why Charlie Sheen Went Off His HIV Meds

He thought he'd try an alternative treatment

(Newser) - On The Dr. Oz Show Tuesday, Charlie Sheen revealed that he was off his HIV medications and was instead trying alternative treatment. But that show was taped Dec. 8, and Sheen "is back on his meds," his manager tells People . "He tried a cure from a doctor... More »

Dr. Oz: I 'Will Not Be Silenced'

(Newser) - As promised , Dr. Oz is firing back at critics via his own show. In a teaser obtained by CNN , Oz declares that he "will not be silenced" by the 10 doctors who accused him of quackery in a letter to Columbia. "I know I've irritated some... More »

Dr. Oz to 'Aggressively' Go After Critics

In his sights Thursday: doctors with links to genetically modified food industry

(Newser) - Last week a group of doctors penned a complaint to Columbia University about Dr. Mehmet Oz, griping he shouldn't be vice chair of the college's surgery department due to his questionable medical advice and "outrageous conflicts of interest." Now Oz is planning to "aggressively" take... More »

Dr. Oz to Critics: I Am Not a Quack

It's all about 'multiple points of view,' he explains

(Newser) - A group of his fellow physicians thinks that TV's Dr. Oz is a money-hungry quack who has no business being on the medical faculty of Columbia. Dr. Oz himself, aka cardiothoracic surgeon Mehmet Oz, begs to differ. "I bring the public information that will help them on their... More »

30 Rock's Grizz Needs New Kidney

Dr. Oz, Kevin Brown will help Grizzwald Chapman with hypertension

(Newser) - Grizzwald Chapman, better known as Grizz on 30 Rock, needs a kidney transplant. The 378-pound actor discussed his health on The Dr. Oz Show, Popeater reports, telling the celebrity doc that his hypertension requires him to be on dialysis—and that he must lose at least 75 pounds before being... More »

8 Stories