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Scott Brown Changes the Senate Math

Moderate GOP votes up for grabs mean 56 could be Dems' new 60

(Newser) - Yesterday's Senate vote to end debate on the jobs bill showed that losing the supermajority may not be such a disaster for the Democrats after all, writes Nate Silver. Scott Brown joined four other moderate Republicans in voting to end a filibuster on Harry Reid's jobs bill, suggesting that a... More »

Obama to Democrats: 'We Still Have to Lead'

President reminds senators they still have a big majority

(Newser) - President Obama implored Senate Democrats today to stay aggressive in pushing their agenda despite the loss of one vital seat, saying: "We still have to lead." Speaking to his party's senators at their strategy conference, Obama reminded Democrats they still hold a 59-41 majority. For Democrats searching for... More »

Time to Fight Back, Obama

Massachusetts disaster means the president must go populist

(Newser) - It's still not clear exactly how President Obama will adjust to the Massachusetts defeat, but one camp has clear advice: No more Mr. Nice Guy, please. A sampling:
  • Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation: "Going populist is now smart politics and good policy. The Obama White House needs to show,
... More »

Coakley Loss: 6 Ways Dems Will Have to Change

Supermajority is gone, sure, but so is entire Democratic strategy

(Newser) - “While the sun will still come out on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill” now that Republican Scott Brown has won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, Ron Elving writes on NPR , “the political globe will have a new tilt.” Here, six things that have changed:
  • The supermajority: That's
... More »

Dems Rethinking Health Care After Mass. Loss

Webb urges Senate to avoid votes before Brown seated

(Newser) - Scott Brown's surprise win in Massachusetts has sent the Democrats scrambling to find a way to salvage health care legislation, as more and more legislators say they won't support hurry-up measures to push through the bill before he is sworn in. Sen. Jim Webb urged the Senate to delay any... More »

Obama Will Urge House to Send Him Health Bill

Ramped up State of the Union indicates Senate-skipping strategy

(Newser) - The White House has essentially accepted the reality of a Scott Brown win in Massachusetts and is orchestrating some health care reform “ping-pong,” Nate Silver writes, urging the House to vote on the Senate bill as it stands so it can go straight to President Obama’s desk... More »

Sniveling Lefties Should Just Take the Health Care Victory

Screwy Senate has a flawed, but good bill

(Newser) - The health care bill is as good as it’s going to get, and progressives whining about it—or worse, trying to kill it—are being ridiculous. “In a normal democracy,” EJ Dionne writes, the majority support would quickly pass a public option or Medicare expansion. But the... More »

Dems' Supermajority: Be Careful What You Wish For

Sixty-senator caucus makes Reid hostage to any naysayer

(Newser) - The convergence of events that led to the Democrats getting 60 senators in their caucus must have felt like fate to Harry Reid, a sign that health care reform was meant to be. But as negotiations drag on, lucky No. 60 feels more like unlucky 13, because Reid must do... More »

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