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Kids' CT Scans Boost Cancer Risk

But in many cases, 'benefits outweigh risks': researcher

(Newser) - The radiation from CT scans can increase a child's risk of brain cancer and leukemia, a study finds, with risk increasing along with the amount of radiation. The radiation in two or three CT scans triples brain cancer risk for a kid under 15, while five to 10 scans... More »

CT Scan Overuse Raises Radiation, Cancer Fears

The US gets more radiation from scans than any country

(Newser) - The top radiation source Americans should be worrying about isn't airport scanners or microwaves—it's medical tests. The US leads the world in the amount of radiation its population gets from medical scans, and the average American's dose has grown more than sixfold in recent decades. Patients are being given... More »

CT Scans Cause Cancer: Study

Scans could be causing 14,500 deaths annually, researchers say

(Newser) - The overuse of CT scans could be causing 14,500 cancer deaths a year, according to two studies published today. Researchers found that machines varied widely in how much radiation they exposed patients to, often leading to big, hidden risk. A typical chest scan, for example, is the equivalent of... More »

3 Stories