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Man Jailed for 6 Months Over Loud Sex

12 neighbors complained about the Italian man's romps with his girlfriend

(Newser) - There's a noisy romp between the sheets and then there's sex so loud it's considered "stalking" your neighbors. That was the charge an Italian man apparently faced in court, after a dozen of his neighbors filed a civil suit complaining of his loud lovemaking sessions. They... More »

Cops: Man Stabs Roommate Over Loud Sex

SC police report odd argument

(Newser) - A South Carolina man faces assault charges after being accused of stabbing a roommate who complained about the man's loud sex. Russell Willis Shepherd, 40, stabbed his 58-year-old roommate in the hand, police say. The victim had yelled at Shepherd and a female counterpart to keep it down, prompting Shepherd... More »

68% of New Yorkers Hear Neighbors Having Sex

Survey shows many New Yorkers hear, but few complain

(Newser) - More than two-thirds of New Yorkers hear more than just sirens and taxi cabs when they go to sleep at night—they also hear their neighbors having sex. A Brick Underground survey also reveals that only 14% complain about the noise—perhaps because a whopping 16% of them are aroused... More »

Brit on Brink of Jail for Noisy Sex

One more time, and she's in the clink for 8 weeks

(Newser) - The lusty Brit known for her extra-vocal lovemaking will have to tone it down for at least a year—or, reports the Daily Mirror , limit her opportunities to conjugal visits while she serves eight weeks in jail. Caroline Cartwright was served with a civil order after neighbors and even a... More »

Brit Pleads Guilty to Loud Sex

Caroline Cartwright admits noisy sex breached earlier order

(Newser) - Caroline Cartwright, the British woman jailed in April for engaging in extremely loud sex, pleaded guilty yesterday. Cartwright’s bedroom sessions with her husband were described by neighbors and passers-by as “murder” and “unnatural,” the BBC reports. Said one, "The noise sounds like they are both... More »

5 Stories