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To Lose and Keep Off Weight: Poop Transplant?

Research is young but promising

(Newser) - Stool transplants already appear to be helping fight the hospital-acquired superbug C. difficile, and they're also being tested against ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. But could the radical treatment go so far as to help obese people shed weight and not gain it back again? Researchers at the... More »

UK Bans Ad Over Too-Skinny Model

Ban came about after a single complaint

(Newser) - If anyone has doubts that the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority reads its complaint mail, this should put that to rest. Per Fashionista , a lone detractor submitted a grievance to the British ad watchdog about a Gucci ad campaign, and now it's banned in the UK—because of... More »

France May Ban Too-Thin Models

Legislation would establish minimum weights

(Newser) - France is expected to pass legislation to outlaw ultra-skinny fashion models, reports the CBC . The legislation now being debated would set up minimum weights based on body-mass index, a formula that would require a woman 5-foot-7 to weigh 120 pounds. And the measure wouldn't just bar such models from... More »

J. Crew Now Offers Size '000'

The XXXS size is for women with a 23-inch waist

(Newser) - As Americans grow ever larger, clothing stores like J. Crew are offering ever smaller sizes—and the retailer insists it's due to actual demand. Just not from Americans. In response to the controversy that ensued this week after the chain started offering size 000, a spokesperson explained to Today ... More »

LeAnn Rimes: These Are Abs, Not Bones

Singer posts bikini photos, swings back when she's called 'scary skinny'

(Newser) - Newly married LeAnn Rimes Cibrian has gone from catching flak for her cheating ways to getting plenty of grief for her shrinking frame. The latest body beef erupted over the holiday weekend after Rimes tweeted photos of herself, on honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, wearing a barely there bikini ... which... More »

Even 3-Year-Olds Want to Be Thin

Study suggests the desire to be skinny is internalized at a young age

(Newser) - The desire to be thin can implant itself in girls as young as 3, a new study shows. Fifty-five girls between the ages of 3 and 5 were shown three figures, identical except that one was thin, one average, and one fat. When asked to associate positive and negative adjectives... More »

Thin Women Make More Money, Thin Men Make Less

New study shows it pays to be skinny—for ladies

(Newser) - If you want to snag a higher paycheck, get skinny—unless you're a guy, in which case you’d do better to pack on the pounds, according to a new study. The new research shows that employers tend to pay very thin women more than their average-weight counterparts, while very... More »

Japanese Women Are Skinny, Think They're Fat

Media ideal and stiff competition leads to wacky body image

(Newser) - “I think I am very fat,” a 40-year-old Japanese woman of normal weight whose BMI is verging on “thin” tells the Wall Street Journal , and that’s the story all over the island nation. Japan continues to be the thinnest industrialized nation, and its women have gotten... More »

How Skinny Chefs Stay That Way

Focus, routine, exercise...and also just running around a lot

(Newser) - Rotund chefs like Mario Batali and Paula Deen have given way to a crop of stick-thin kitchen wizards who clearly know a thing or two about how to stay slim while being surrounded by food. The Daily Beast gets the skinny from the skinny culinary elite, and won't take "... More »

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