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'Me, Me, Me': Book Analysis Shows the Fall of 'We'

New study finds individualistic words on the rise

(Newser) - A new study of more than 750,000 American books from the past half-century shows that Americans have become more focused on individualism since the 1960s, researchers say. The study found that individualistic words like "I" were used more than communal words like "we," USA Today reports.... More »

Thomas the Tank Engine Is Sexist: Prof

Show OK for kids to watch, just tell them about Orwellian overtones

(Newser) - Not that you shouldn’t let your kids watch Thomas the Tank Engine or anything, but the show exhibits a “conservative political ideology” that “sidelines” female characters and discourages individuality. At least that’s the opinion of a Canadian political scientist who undertook a study of the classic... More »

2 Stories