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Fans Freak at ESPN Fantasy Football Outage

Network apologizes for glitch during highly trafficked Week 1 game

(Newser) - Last night's game between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts was anything but an ESPN fantasy: Rather, it turned into a social media nightmare after the network's fantasy football website and app went down—somewhat inconveniently during what USA Today Sports says was the "most trafficked fantasy... More »

Guy's Actual Job: Playing Fantasy Football

Drew Dinkmeyer likens game to day-trading

(Newser) - His job is literally a fantasy: Drew Dinkmeyer makes his money by betting on fantasy games, and he's not exactly struggling. The 31-year-old quit his work as an investment analyst in June so he could concentrate on fantasy sports, and he's making comparable money. "After a few... More »

ESPN Yanks Anti-Jewish Fantasy Football Names

Site pulls leagues with anti-Semitic names

(Newser) - ESPN is cracking down on anti-Semitism. Of late, a gaggle of bigoted fantasy football enthusiasts have been creating league names like "Jews are Immoral" and "Jews are terrible". In response, ESPN expelled from the online community all such anti-Semitic designations, USA Today reports. More »

Fantasy Football Loser Forced to Get Unicorn Tattoo

A bet's a bet, says Spud Mann

(Newser) - Talk about a hardcore fantasy football league. Ten buddies in Omaha came up with a very, umm, permanent way of branding their league's loser: with a tattoo, to be designed by the league's champion. The unlucky fellow was Evan "Spud" Mann, who on Jan. 7 got a reminder of... More »

Fidelity Fires Four Workers —Over Fantasy Football

Employees get the boot, argue policy is totally lame

(Newser) - Fidelity Investment has fired four of its employees after discovering they were heading up dangerous gambling rings, also known as fantasy football leagues. In a nightmare scenario for guys everywhere, the commissioners of four office leagues were sacked recently, the Fort-Worth Star Telegram reports, after company officials intercepted some nefarious... More »

5 Stories