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Madeleine McCann Case: Cops Want to Find This Man

'Massive steps forward' made after review of evidence

(Newser) - More than six years after Madeleine McCann vanished from a resort in Portugal, police may have made a breakthrough in the search for the British child. British police officers analyzing data gathered after her disappearance in 2007 have released computer-generated images of a man they suspect could be key to... More »

Dead Spy Locked Himself in Sports Bag: Police

Scotland Yard investigation concludes what inquest rejected

(Newser) - Scotland Yard has concluded that MI6 Codebreaker Gareth Williams probably locked himself inside the duffel bag he was found dead in, sources close to the inquiry tell the Telegraph . Police re-opened the case after the coroner ruled that a third party had likely been involved —possibly even one of... More »

Police Check MI6 Agents' DNA in Dead Spy Probe

They think a coworker was in Williams' flat

(Newser) - London Metropolitan Police suspect that one of Gareth Williams' MI6 co-workers was in his apartment the night he died, and they want DNA samples from 50 of them to test that theory, the Telegraph reports. Weak traces of DNA from at least two people have been found in the flat,... More »

Due to 1886 Law, UK Police to Foot Bill for Riot Damage

Riots expected to cost police authorities upwards of $320M

(Newser) - As the dust settles from days of rioting in London and other English cities, it turns out that police finances may have suffered the heaviest damage of all. An 1886 law specifies that police authorities are required to compensate victims when damage is caused by people "riotously and tumultuously... More »

Man at Center of London Riots Didn't Fire at Cops

16K officers now on city streets

(Newser) - The man whose death at the hands of police prompted London’s massive riots did not shoot at the cops, a public investigatory body has concluded. Though Mark Duggan had a loaded gun, there was no evidence he fired it, the watchdog group said. A bullet stuck in a police... More »

Britain's Top Cop Resigns Over News Corp Scandal

But insists he had no knowledge of it

(Newser) - Sir Paul Stephenson has resigned his post as commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police, thanks to the “ongoing speculation and accusations” swirling around the department in the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Stephenson, the most senior police officer in Britain, has taken heat for hiring ex-NoTW executive... More »

That Line of Cocaine Is Killing the Rainforest: UK Cops

Law partners with Greenpeace in campaign aimed at greens

(Newser) - Cops the world over are looking for reasons to stop you from snorting cocaine, but a new campaign in the UK takes a new angle: It’s killing the rainforests. London’s Metropolitan Police—with the government’s backing—has teamed up with Greenpeace on this one, the Times reports,... More »

7 Stories