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Worst Ratings Summer Ever for Jay Leno

'Tonight' host still beating Letterman, though

(Newser) - Jay Leno is not having a good summer. In fact, he's having his worst summer ever, at least as far as Tonight Show ratings are concerned. This summer is actually the lowest-rated ever for the show—and even Conan O'Brien pulled in better numbers for the coveted 18-49 demographic last... More »

Leno Trounces Letterman in Return

Jimmy Fallon tops Craig Ferguson in ratings race

(Newser) - Jay Leno owned the 11:35 time slot last night, smashing both David Letterman and ABC’s combination of Nightline and Jimmy Kimmel as curious viewers tuned in to see Leno take back the Tonight Show gig. Leno scored a 5.7 rating, compared to 3.0 for Letterman, 3.... More »

Late-Night Mess Is Our Fault

When you can Google what's going on, why watch Tonight Show ?

(Newser) - It’s fun to point fingers, but the “late-night fratricide” at NBC isn't Jeff Zucker's fault, Leno's, or Conan's: It's ours. The real culprit is our own disaffection with traditional TV, writes David Carr, who's been following the fracas closely—on his computer. We're so bombarded by news that... More »

Conan-NBC 'Divorce Deal' ThisClose

O'Brien's final Tonight to air Friday

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien and NBC are close to a final "divorce" agreement that will eject O'Brien as Tonight Show host—and there won't be a last-minute reconciliation, sources tell the Wrap . "All major issues" have been settled, said a source, including contract payments due O'Brien. Fox's entertainment chief Peter... More »

As the End Nears, O'Brien's Ratings Soar

Nation of jobless tunes in to watch him jab at NBC execs

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien is about to be out of a job, and his bitter cracks on NBC execs are doing what his show did not—viewership has soared. O'Brien's ratings have been rising through the week, and Tonight ratings Friday were 50% higher than they've been this season. O'Brien beat out... More »

NBC Exec Calls Conan 'Chicken-Hearted and Gutless'

Dick Ebersol clearly Team Jay Leno in 'Tonight Show' flap

(Newser) - Though his fellow comedians are lashing out at Jay Leno, the comedian at least has the NBC brass on his side. Conan O’Brien is “chicken-hearted and gutless” for blaming his “astounding failure” on Leno, says Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Universal Sports. The bottom line? O’Brien... More »

Jay, Conan Take Gloves Off

Leno, O'Brien continue trading digs over fate of 'Tonight Show'

(Newser) - As Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien continued to take swipes at each other last night (and everyone else continued to take swipes at Jay Leno), rumors and new developments in the NBC shake-up continued to come out. Watch highlights from last night in the video gallery, and read on... More »

Jay, Conan Turn on Each Other

As Tonight Show saga continues, Leno and O'Brien face off

(Newser) - As the late-night shakedown gets messier, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien seem to be turning against each other—and David Letterman is clearly on Team Conan. The Late Show host wants O’Brien to appear on his show “not to rub NBC's noses into their huge mistake, but... More »

Leno, O'Brien May Both Walk

Leno could also take Tonight Show back; Conan O'Brien still likely headed to Fox

(Newser) - Thanks in part to a loophole in Conan O’Brien’s NBC contract, he will most likely leave the network while Jay Leno takes The Tonight Show back—or Leno might also ditch NBC entirely, depending which gossip site you read. Sources tell TMZ O’Brien’s contract guarantees he... More »

NBC Wants Seinfeld, Not Conan

As O'Brien's Tonight Show ratings struggle, NBC wishes for Seinfeld

(Newser) - Could Conan O’Brien be replaced as Tonight Show host—by Jerry Seinfeld? Maybe not, but that’s what many at NBC want. Executives tell PopEater that Conan has been struggling so much in the ratings department that replacement discussions have already begun, and Seinfeld's name is at the top... More »

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