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One State Dominates in Healthy Eating

California claims 4 of top 10 metro areas with healthiest diets

(Newser) - All the hype about California healthy living appears to be well founded—at least when it comes to mealtime. A new report by Gallup and Sharecare, a digital health firm, looked at eating habits in 189 metropolitan areas across the US with one simple question: "Did you eat healthy... More »

Teens Make Healthier Choices When They See It as Defiant

Teen rebellion could be an asset, not a threat

(Newser) - As anyone who can remember being a teenager (or parenting a teenager) well knows, telling a teen to do something because it's the healthy choice just doesn't cut it. Implying that it's an act of defiance against some corrupt authority figure, on the other hand, appears to... More »

10 Healthiest Cities in America

Minnesota has 3 cities in the top 10

(Newser) - If you want to make it into your octogenarian years, consider moving to Rochester, Minn., or any of the other metro areas that made 24/7 Wall Street's healthiest US cities list. The site examined more than two dozen criteria to see which urban areas made the cut, including income,... More »

The 10 Healthiest Cities in America

The nation's capital comes out on top

(Newser) - The nation's capital leads the way in health. Washington, DC, is the fittest city in the country based on personal health and environmental factors, including access to parks and walkability, Today reports via the American Fitness Index . But there's good news for those outside the city: The survey... More »

5 Low-Fat Foods to Stop Eating Now

Sometimes it's better to stick with the real thing

(Newser) - If it's low-fat, it's good for you, right? Not necessarily: Often, companies remove fat only to increase sugar, salt, and additives in an effort to make "diet" food taste better, and a recent study found that 10% of such foods actually have the same number of calories... More »

No. 1 Way to Lower Dementia Risk: Exercise

Other healthy lifestyle choices also have big impact: study

(Newser) - A 35-year study of 2,235 men in the UK finds that exercise is the biggest factor when it comes to reducing the risk of dementia, the BBC reports. People who practiced four of the following five lifestyle choices saw their dementia risk reduced 60%, and were 70% less likely... More »

Visit the Island Where People 'Forget to Die'

Health tips from the fabled Greek isle of Ikaria

(Newser) - Stricken by cancer and given six months to live, a Greek man living in America moved back to his native island of Ikaria—where the cancer mysteriously disappeared. The tale became folklore on Ikaria, where stories of good health date back 25 centuries. Now a study has confirmed what the... More »

'Karmic Debt' Sparks Ex-Coke Exec's Health Push

Todd Putman blasts company's aggressive marketing

(Newser) - Working to ruthlessly promote Coca-Cola has left a former exec convinced he has a "large karmic debt to pay"—so the ad man has reformed. Todd Putman, one of Coke's leading marketers between 1997 and 2000, is now fighting on behalf of health food companies. He told... More »

Wacky Health Tips

How can honey, black pepper, and egg shells help you?

(Newser) - Need to disinfect a wound? Use honey, not hydrogen peroxide. While hydrogen peroxide can prevent healing, honey is a good alternative because it's quite antibacterial. That's just one of the weird health tips rounded Listverse:
  • To stop bleeding: Clean your cut, then sprinkle black pepper on it and
... More »

How to Live to (Almost) 100

Do like Jack LaLanne did: Wake up early, skip lunch, and sweat

(Newser) - Jack LaLanne made it to the ripe old age of 96—and those of us with centenarian dreams could take a pointer ... or 10 ... from the fitness guru. The Daily Beast rounds up 10 of LaLanne's health habits worth imitating.
  • Wake up before the cock crows: LaLanne started his day
... More »

Government Shouldn't Moralize About Our Food

Leave that to the private marketplace

(Newser) - The government has a wide range of choices when it comes to encouraging public health, from hands-off (the preference of libertarians) to so-called sin taxes to outright bans on, say, junk food in schools. Here's one option they need to stop: paying for ad campaigns that vilify certain foods, writes... More »

How Skinny Chefs Stay That Way

Focus, routine, exercise...and also just running around a lot

(Newser) - Rotund chefs like Mario Batali and Paula Deen have given way to a crop of stick-thin kitchen wizards who clearly know a thing or two about how to stay slim while being surrounded by food. The Daily Beast gets the skinny from the skinny culinary elite, and won't take "... More »

Hair-Curling Gene Found

Findings may pave way for a hair-straightening pill

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the root of curly hair, potentially paving the way for a hair-straightening pill. But don't throw out your hot irons yet—the findings, published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, will probably first be applied to the field of forensics. Understanding curls could help cops catch... More »

Walking Your Dog 'Better Than Gym Membership'

Survey finds pooch owners get longer workouts

(Newser) - Scrapping your gym membership in favor of Fido will make you healthier and happier, according to a British study. The research—sponsored by a pet care company—found that dog owners spent an average of around 8 hours a week getting some exercise while walking their pets, while petless gym... More »

How to Fight the Winter Blues

With darker days comes Seasonal Affective Disorder

(Newser) - If the winter months make you tired, reclusive, and inclined to binge on junk food, you may have SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. About 15% of Americans suffer from at least mild symptoms. And while most chalk up their blahs to cold weather, Christmas blues, or work stress, the prime... More »

Babies Cry in Their Parents' Language

Within 3 days, French, German infants wail differently

(Newser) - It’s apparently possible for a baby to cry in French. Within three days of birth, babies begin to pick up the accent of their parents, according to a study. Researchers analyzed 60 newborns—half French, half German—and discovered that soon the French babies took on a specific cry,... More »

Brit Health Service Endorses Wii Fit

First-ever video game supported by NHS

(Newser) - Turn on the boob tube and get fit. That's the message from the British National Health Service, which is endorsing Nintendo's new Wii Fit Plus video game. It's the first time ever the service has endorsed a video game and it's sure to raise criticism from some health experts, reports... More »

Michelle Hits 142 at Hula Hoops

But the über-fit first lady just can't do double dutch

(Newser) - The president isn't the only Obama with impressive hoops prowess: Michelle managed 142 swivels of a hula hoop yesterday during a "healthy kids fair" on the White House lawn. Jumping rope double dutch? Not so much. The first lady also gave a pep talk about eating right to about... More »

Heart Doc's Tips for a Healthy Ticker

South Beach Diet guru shares his secrets

(Newser) - Arthur Agatston, the cardiologist who cooked up the South Beach Diet, takes no medications and embraces a philosophy of moderation—he's not starving himself or downing dozens of vitamins. He clues Prevention magazine in on his advice for keeping your heart in tip-top shape:
  • Eat four times a day: 
... More »

Green Spaces Make You Healthier

People who live near vegetation suffer fewer diseases

(Newser) - People who live close to parks or other “green spaces” are likely to be healthier, a new study suggests. Dutch researchers scoured the health records of 345,000 people, comparing their health status to the amount of green space in the surrounding area, from a half-mile to 2-mile radius.... More »

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