Crazy Heart

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'Classy' George Clooney Voted for Jeff Bridges

But maybe he could have kept that to himself?

(Newser) - George Clooney voted for Jeff Bridges instead of himself to win this year's Best Actor Oscar, and he even photographed his ballot and sent it to Bridges with best wishes. Stuff like this is why Clooney "might be the classiest man in Hollywood," declare the experts at the... More »

Streep, Bullock, Hangover, Avatar Clean Up

Jeff Bridges, Mo'Nique, 'Mad Men,' 'Glee' also among winners

(Newser) - Avatar and The Hangover captured the top film awards, Meryl Streep and Drew Barrymore charmed with stream-of-consciousness acceptance speeches, and host Ricky Gervais generally behaved at tonight's Golden Globes ceremony. Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock established themselves as Academy Award favorites with victories in the leading dramatic role categories, as... More »

Jeff Bridges Makes Crazy Heart Sing

Career-topping performance should catch Oscar's attention

(Newser) - Jeff Bridges is already earning Oscar buzz for his turn as a hard-luck country singer in Crazy Heart. And the critics think it’s all deserved:
  • Bad Blake’s a “juicy, career-crowning role, and Bridges plays the hell out of it,” writes Peter Travers of Rolling Stone . The
... More »

3 Stories