It's Complicated

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It's Complicated Really a Simple Rom-Com

It may not be complicated, but Alec Baldwin's performance shines

(Newser) - Some critics see Nancy Meyers' latest as somewhat more reasoned and subtle than her usual fare. But It's Complicated is still a formulaic flick—with a scene-stealing turn by Alec Baldwin. A few takes:
  • The flick " isn't nearly complicated enough, but at least Meyers has dropped something a bit
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Streep's Reefer Moment Hardly R-Rated

It's Complicated spotlights MPAA's wacky marijuana rules

(Newser) - Insiders say the only reason Meryl Streep’s new romantic comedy It’s Complicated has an R rating is a scene in which she smokes marijuana, and that’s causing a “minor ruckus” in Hollywood. A source close to the hearings tells Robert Ablon of the Los Angeles Times... More »

2 Stories