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Scientists: Prayer Can Help Alcoholics Through Temptation

Small study uses brain scans to demonstrate changes after prayer vs. reading newspaper

(Newser) - Does prayer have the power to help recovering alcoholics squash temptation? A small new study out of the NYU Langone Medical Center finds that at least among 20 long-term Alcoholics Anonymous members who reported no cravings in the week leading up to the test, prayer reduced cravings that arose when... More »

Dodgers Hired Russian 'Healer' to Boost Wins

Russian immigrant sent positive energy to team

(Newser) - Whenever the Dodgers stepped up to bat during their'08 National League West-winning season, a Russian emigre scientist watching the game on TV at his Massachusetts home sent mental waves of positive energy their way. Perhaps the strangest detail to emerge in the bitter divorce proceedings of Dodgers owners Frank and... More »

Christian Science Admits Doctors Are Okay

Church tells patients to get actual medical help when necessary

(Newser) - With its membership dwindling and reputation in tatters, the church of Christian Science has finally decided that doctors aren’t so bad after all. Church leaders tell the New York Times that they’ve been encouraging members to consult physicians when necessary for over a year now. They’re trying... More »

Christian Scientists Want Health Bill to Include Prayer

Provision's been stripped from both House, Senate versions

(Newser) - With the Senate nearing a vote on health reform, one constituency is still pushing for its cause to be reinserted in the package—Christian Scientists, who want the legislation to recognize that many Americans rely on religious and spiritual healing, and to ban discrimination against those practices and their practitioners.... More »

4 Stories