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The 'Carpool Karaoke' Song That Made James Corden Cry

Hearing the origins of 'Let It Be' from Paul McCartney proved emotional for the late-night host

(Newser) - A day in the life of James Corden often involves cajoling celebrities into his car as he cruises in Los Angeles, where they enjoy conversation and belt out songs together as part of the 'Carpool Karaoke' segment on Corden's Late Late Show. This week, however, the British comedian... More »

Screaming? No, Officer, I Was Singing

But driver in Montreal still gets a $118 ticket

(Newser) - A driver in Montreal apparently got a little too carried away while grooving to a favorite song. Now he's going to court to defend his singing voice. When 38-year-old Taoufik Moalla got pulled over, officers asked if he'd been screaming, per the Montreal Gazette . No, Moalla replied, he'... More »

Familiar Face Officially Returns to American Idol

Ryan Seacrest will again serve as host

(Newser) - A familiar face is officially returning to American Idol when it re-launches on ABC . The network has confirmed Ryan Seacrest will be back to host the reality competition, USA Today reports. Seacrest hosted the show on Fox from its launch in 2002 to its retirement in 2016, Deadline reports, calling... More »

Teen Athlete Rescues the National Anthem

Texas volleyball player Marina Garcia belts out song after CD malfunction

(Newser) - Marina Garcia was all ready to play for her Texas high school's volleyball team Friday night, but she had one task to take care of before the first spike: rescuing the national anthem. Fox 29 reports that the senior stepped up to the mic when something went awry with... More »

Slide Down This Sand Dune and It Starts 'Singing'

And Kazakhstan dune isn't the only one that does this

(Newser) - Some visitors go to Kazakhstan's Altyn-Emel National Park—a preserve the CBC says is four times the size of Hong Kong—to view ancient burial sites or catch a glimpse of wildlife; others go to listen to the park's famous singing dune. The nearly 500-foot-high pile of sand,... More »

Courtroom Crooner Channels Adele at Sentencing

Michigan man is apparently very sorry

(Newser) - A convicted felon may be rolling in the deep (trouble), but that didn't stop him from breaking out into song during his recent sentencing hearing, the Ann Arbor News reports. Singer Adele was the apparent inspiration behind the courtroom crooning of 21-year-old Brian Earl Taylor, who appeared March 10... More »

Gladys Knight Sings During Traffic Stop

Her pal didn't get speeding ticket after singer belted out song to Utah cop

(Newser) - A Utah police officer who pulled over a car carrying iconic soul singer Gladys Knight was treated to an impromptu rendition of "Happy Birthday" Wednesday night. Knight was a passenger in the car stopped for speeding in the town about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, Pleasant Grove... More »

Boston Choir a Safe Haven for Transgender Singers

Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus helps members transition their voices

(Newser) - In the world of vocal groups, where singers are separated along bold gender lines with little room for gray, the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus stands out. Founded last year in Boston, it's one of the country's first choirs reserved for transgender singers. In recent months, the chorus has... More »

Study: You Should Sing to Your Baby a Lot More

They stay calm longer when listening to singing than talking

(Newser) - Want to keep your baby calm and not wailing? Talking in your own voice will work for an average of just under four minutes, at which point the "cry face" typically sets in—the lowered brow, open mouth, and raised cheeks that signal distress. Employing baby talk buys you... More »

Think You Can't Carry a Tune? Just Sing More

Study finds singing can be learned, like any other instrument

(Newser) - Just as you can learn to play an instrument, you can learn to sing even if you believe you're completely tone deaf, a new study out of Northwestern University finds. Researchers had people from three different age groups sing (kindergarten, sixth grade, and college-age); subjects listened to what they... More »

New Pill Could Give Adults Perfect Pitch

And make adult brains more receptive to knowledge in general

(Newser) - Annoyed that your shower singing hasn't quite wowed the neighbors? One day you may be able to improve your pitch—and even acquire perfect pitch—with little more than a trip to the drugstore, NPR reports. That's because researchers are studying a "mood-stabilizing" drug that enables an... More »

Mice Learn Songs Like We Do

Males match pitches with each other: study

(Newser) - That mouse terrorizing your kitchen could be the next Marvin Gaye. The creatures are capable of learning songs in a similar fashion to humans, a study finds—a rare capability among animals. Earlier research has established that male mice sing songs to woo females, at pitches that humans are incapable... More »

Post-Surgery John Mayer: I Won't Talk for Months

And no singing for half a year: blog

(Newser) - We won't be hearing from John Mayer for awhile. In a post on his tumblr blog , the singer announced: "Silent for the next few months, no singing for probably six, but all signs point to this being the last step in getting to perform again." Mayer canceled... More »

World's 'Finest' Interpreter of Art Songs Dead at 86

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau excelled at Schubert lieder

(Newser) - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, perhaps the 20th century's greatest singer of art songs, died yesterday at home in Bavaria, the New York Times reports. He was 86. The German son of a classical scholar and a schoolteacher, Fischer-Dieskau (pronounced FEE-sher DEES-cow) studied voice in Berlin and had two years of unexpected... More »

What You Didn't Know About Donna Summer

To her entourage, she was always 'The Queen'

(Newser) - The passing of Donna Summer has inspired a range of thoughtful retrospectives ; now ABC News points out a few little-known facts about the Queen of Disco.
  • She stopped singing the orgasmic "Love to Love You Baby" in 1979 as she re-devoted herself to Christianity. "If I were to
... More »

Vladimir Putin Serenades Celebs With 'Blueberry Hill'

Russian PM also showed off some piano skills

(Newser) - Like something out of an acid trip or perhaps an alternate universe, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin showed up at benefit concert in St. Petersburg Friday to perform "Blueberry Hill." Putin played the piano, then sang the Fats Domino hit to a crowd that included Sharon Stone, Kevin... More »

Taylor Swift Tune Gets Gay Twist

College singers remake teen sensation's 'You Belong With Me' video

(Newser) - A University of Rochester a cappella singing group has whipped up a nifty cover of Taylor Swift's megahit You Belong With Me and a video parody with a twist—both parties are male. Watch a live performance featuring a Kanye West joke above; click here to see Swift's original and... More »

Harlem Aria Hits Sour Note

Apparent Soloist knockoff actually from 1999, where it should stay

(Newser) - Harlem Aria hit the festival circuit in 1999, and contemporary critics are baffled by the timing of the release of the uneven story of a developmentally disabled young black man with a heart and voice of gold:
  • The performances and William Jennings' direction are "no more than adequate,"
... More »

My Way Killings Plague Filipino Karaoke Bars

Bad singers face the final curtain

(Newser) - If you sing My Way at a karaoke bar in the Philippines, the end may be nearer than you realize: A spate of killings of people singing the Frank Sinatra song has prompted many bars to remove it from their playbooks and many Filipinos to avoid singing it. In a... More »

Taylor Swift's Label Fires Back at Haters

'She's not the best technical singer,' says chief, but she's 'emotional'

(Newser) - Get off Taylor Swift’s back about that "strikingly bad" Grammy performance with Stevie Nicks, pleads/threatens the head of her label, Big Machine Records. “Maybe she's not the best technical singer,” Scott Borchetta tells the Tennessean , “but she's probably the best emotional singer.” And that's... More »

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