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Worst Ratings Summer Ever for Jay Leno

'Tonight' host still beating Letterman, though

(Newser) - Jay Leno is not having a good summer. In fact, he's having his worst summer ever, at least as far as Tonight Show ratings are concerned. This summer is actually the lowest-rated ever for the show—and even Conan O'Brien pulled in better numbers for the coveted 18-49 demographic last... More »

Leno Trounces Letterman in Return

Jimmy Fallon tops Craig Ferguson in ratings race

(Newser) - Jay Leno owned the 11:35 time slot last night, smashing both David Letterman and ABC’s combination of Nightline and Jimmy Kimmel as curious viewers tuned in to see Leno take back the Tonight Show gig. Leno scored a 5.7 rating, compared to 3.0 for Letterman, 3.... More »

NBC's Next Challenge: Fixing Prime Time

Network to produce 20 pilots next season

(Newser) - Now that NBC is nearly past the Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien fiasco, the network is refocusing on the job at hand: correcting a 5-year slide in ratings. The Leno gambit, which CEO Jeff Zucker described as an experiment in the "economics" of network television, represented the network's hope that Leno... More »

NBC Exec Calls Conan 'Chicken-Hearted and Gutless'

Dick Ebersol clearly Team Jay Leno in 'Tonight Show' flap

(Newser) - Though his fellow comedians are lashing out at Jay Leno, the comedian at least has the NBC brass on his side. Conan O’Brien is “chicken-hearted and gutless” for blaming his “astounding failure” on Leno, says Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Universal Sports. The bottom line? O’Brien... More »

NBC Confirms Leno's Move to 11:35pm

Primetime experiment will end Feb. 12 with start of Winter Olympics

(Newser) - NBC confirmed that the Jay Leno primetime television experiment is over, saying today that Leno's nightly primetime show will end with the beginning of the Winter Olympics on Feb. 12. NBC exec Jeff Gaspin says NBC wants Leno to do an 11:35pm show, a return to his old time... More »

Leno: 'Nobody Has Said Anything to Me'

NBC host talks 'cancellation' during tonight's monologue

(Newser) - Jay Leno got plenty of mileage tonight out of rumors his current 10pm NBC gig will be canceled, and that he’ll return to his old 11:35 slot. “So far, nobody has said anything to me,” he said during the opening monologue. “What does NBC stand... More »

Affiliates Staggered by Tanking Leno Ratings

'Writing's on wall' for struggling show, say many

(Newser) - With 10 pm ratings in a free fall for many NBC affiliates, the question is on the table: When will the network ditch its Jay Leno Show experiment? The drop in last month's numbers was “staggering,” one manager tells Broadcasting & Cable. Another—who saw a 48.4%... More »

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