Tibetan mastiff

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World's Priciest Dog Sells for $2M

Property developer in China buys Tibetan mastiff

(Newser) - AFP thinks this is the highest price ever paid for a dog, and no wonder: A property developer in China shelled out $2 million for a Tibetan mastiff puppy. A second puppy of the same breed went for about $1 million. The sale came at a "luxury pet"... More »

Tibetan Mastiff Fever Sweeps China

Majestic breed becomes status symbol

(Newser) - A dog bred to guard farms and herds on the Tibetan plateau has become the latest status symbol for China's wealthy elite. Purebred Tibetan mastiffs, one of the biggest breeds of dogs, can sell for over $500,000 in China. Celebrity mastiffs, weighing in at close to 180 pounds, can... More »

2 Stories