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New ObamaCare Numbers Look 'Troubling'

Rates are going up by double digits and younger, healthier enrollees are leaving

(Newser) - Three states so far have come out with preliminary premium-rate requests for ObamaCare in 2019, and a column by Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post suggests that a "death spiral" is underway for the health insurance program. Maryland's average rate increase is 30%, Virginia's is 13.4%,... More »

Millions Can Dodge ObamaCare Mandate: WSJ

Exemption was hidden in last week's announcement, newspaper says

(Newser) - Few noticed last week , but the White House just gave millions of Americans a two-year reprieve from having to buy health care—at least according to the Wall Street Journal . Buried in a seven-page bulletin , the Obama administration granted an exemption for anyone whose insurance was canceled and who says... More »

At 11th Hour, Obama Eases Health Care Mandate

People who lost policies can claim hardship exemption

(Newser) - In a surprise move, the Obama administration essentially lifted the individual mandate last night for anyone who saw their insurance policy cancelled thanks to the Affordable Care Act, just days before the Dec. 23 deadline to sign up for Jan. 1 coverage. These consumers will be able to apply for... More »

ObamaCare Penalty Delayed —but Not Due to Website

WH says it's just eliminating confusion

(Newser) - Good news for procrastinators: Americans will now have an extra month and a half to get health insurance before facing a penalty under ObamaCare, meaning they won't face a fine if they sign up for a plan by March 31. The six-week delay (a change of tune for the... More »

Stewart Grills Sebelius on ObamaCare: 'Am I Stupid?'

Launch was 'rockier' than planned

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has some concerns about ObamaCare, and on last night's Daily Show , he made sure the health secretary knew about them. Stewart questioned the market-based approach to health care, and he kept asking Kathleen Sebelius why businesses were allowed to delay involvement for a year while individuals must... More »

Now GOP Wants an Individual Mandate

... but only for undocumented immigrants

(Newser) - House Republicans drafting new immigration reforms are in talks over a rule that would require undocumented immigrants to buy their own health insurance before they can gain citizenship, reports Politico . It seems a surprising about-face from a party that has been so vehemently opposed to an individual mandate for citizens—... More »

Supreme Court Orders New Review of ObamaCare Suit

Lawsuit claims violation of religious freedoms

(Newser) - The court cases continue for ObamaCare, with the Supreme Court today ordering a Virginia appeals court to review a lawsuit over the law's provisions regarding reproductive rights. Virginia's evangelical Liberty University had filed an earlier lawsuit arguing that the individual mandate meant taxpayer dollars would fund abortions and... More »

Romney's ObamaCare Gaffe Could Cost Him the Election

This could be Romney's dumbest move yet: 'Wall Street Journal'

(Newser) - In a scathing editorial today, the Wall Street Journal declares that this week will be seen as "a turning point" if Mitt Romney is not elected president in the fall. Why? Because on Monday, a close adviser said that Romney, at odds with the GOP, does not consider ObamaCare'... More »

Romney: Health Mandate Is a Tax

Contradicts Eric Fehrnstrom's comments

(Newser) - Days after a spokesman asserted that ObamaCare's individual mandate is not a tax in Mitt Romney's view, the candidate himself is saying the opposite—thus aligning with the rest of his party. Romney tells CBS News that while he agreed with the Supreme Court's dissent, "the... More »

Romney's 'Etch-a-Sketch' Rep: Mandate Is No Tax

Mitt has skirted the issue

(Newser) - While Republicans have been busily attacking ObamaCare as a tax hike following the Supreme Court ruling, Mitt Romney has stayed quiet; after all, to call it a tax hike would be to acknowledge he raised taxes in Massachusetts. Today, however, spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom— he of "Etch-a-Sketch" fame —stated... More »

Stewart Jumps on CNN, Fox SCOTUS Flub

Obama, Romney also get jabbed on last night's 'Daily Show'

(Newser) - The AP may have told its reporters to stop mocking CNN and Fox News for getting their initial coverage of yesterday's ObamaCare ruling wrong, but Jon Stewart had no such compunctions last night . "It was a moment of great drama and, like many of our greatest dramas, a... More »

Fight's Not Over Yet: More Challenges for ObamaCare

Law must still survive the election

(Newser) - The Affordable Care Act has survived the Supreme Court —without question a victory for President Obama—but that doesn't mean it's a breeze from here on out. Some of the challenges facing ObamaCare, from the Washington Post and the New York Times :
  • The election: Mitt Romney has
... More »

Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare

Roberts sides with left, 5-4, in upholding individual mandate

(Newser) - The fate of ObamaCare has been decided—and it's very, very good news for President Obama and tens of millions of uninsured Americans. The Supreme Court today upheld the Affordable Care Act with one Medicaid-related exception. SCOTUSblog reports that Chief Justice John Roberts' vote "saved" ObamaCare; he sided... More »

D-Day for ObamaCare: What You Need to Know

If law is upheld, Romney wins, too, argues Politico

(Newser) - The most closely watched Supreme Court decision in years is due shortly after 10am today, and there are a lot of nervous people in Washington, DC, waiting to learn the fate of President Obama's health care reform—and lots of predictions. The best-case scenario for Obama would be that... More »

ObamaCare Will Define John Roberts' Supreme Court

Chief justice pledged not to be activist, but controversial case a test

(Newser) - Chief Justice John Roberts swore up and down in confirmation hearings that he wouldn't legislate from the bench, a vow that has taken center stage along with his entire judicial legacy, as his Supreme Court gets ready to announce its ruling on ObamaCare on Thursday. Roberts has not written... More »

ObamaCare Can Survive Without the Mandate

But will Democrats stand by it, Steve Kornacki wonders

(Newser) - A ruling on ObamaCare is now expected Thursday , and the most widely anticipated outcome is that most of the law will be upheld but the individual mandate will be struck down. Though "conventional wisdom holds that the law is as good as dead" if that happens, writes Steve Kornacki... More »

Individual Mandate: OK With Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers may have liked ObamaCare: Einer Elhauge

(Newser) - Health insurance mandates—unconstitutional? That's what the opponents of ObamaCare are arguing , "but there’s a major problem with this line of argument: It just isn’t true," writes Einer Elhuage in The New Republic . In fact, the founding fathers passed more than one mandate in Congress... More »

Final Day's Arguments Might Help ObamaCare

Justices flummoxed about what happens if mandate falls: Lyle Denniston

(Newser) - Court watcher Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog thinks today's arguments at the Supreme Court bode well for President Obama's health care law. His reasoning? Most justices seemed worried that if they struck down the central part of the law—the individual mandate requiring everyone to buy insurance—it would... More »

Justices Debate ObamaCare if Individual Mandate Falls

Most seem inclined to let parts of it stand

(Newser) - If the individual mandate is deemed unconstitutional , should the rest of President Obama's health care reform die with it? Supreme Court justices wrestled with that question today in the third and final day of arguments, with the challengers' lead attorney stating his case simply: “If the individual mandate... More »

Health Care Reform Dead? Not So Fast, Everyone

All this hot air is meaningless until the court actually rules: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Based on the breathless commentary after the Supreme Court's oral arguments today, it might have seemed as if the court had already decided to rule against health care reform. Sorry to spoil the fun, but it's way too early for either side to think this is a done... More »

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