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ABC Shows How It's Done With Successful Sawyer Switch

Low expectations produce high ratings

(Newser) - With all the bloodshed at NBC, it would be easy to overlook the fact that at least one network has made a major talent changes without causing plummeting ratings. Diane Sawyer’s relatively inconspicuous slide into Charlie Gibson’s ABC anchor seat didn’t deliver an immediate ratings bump, but... More »

Diane Sawyer Does 'Fine' in Debut

New ABC anchor is no Katie Couric, and maybe that's good

(Newser) - Diane Sawyer slid easily into the "ABC World News" anchor chair tonight, and really, were you expecting anything different? The second woman at the solo helm of an evening newscast "made a strong, if a bit over-animated, debut," writes Robert Bianco. She interviewed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, offered a... More »

2 Stories