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Norquist and Hamsher Team Up to Oust Rahm

Liberal blogger and conservative activist form strange coalition

(Newser) - Liberal blogger Jane Hamsher and anti-tax conservative crusader Grover Norquist agree on exactly one thing: They both want Rahm Emanuel out of the White House, immediately. The two have joined forces to demand a Justice Department investigation into Emanuel’s ties to Freddie Mac. In a letter signed by both... More »

Liberal 'Kill Bill' Case Is Naive, Deceptive

Hey, Jane Hamsher: A better bill is not coming along, and this ain't bad

(Newser) - Ezra Klein isn’t “sure there's much in the way of productive dialogue to be had” with liberal firebrand Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake concerning her call yesterday to kill the Senate health care reform bill, but he’ll try anyway. Hamsher’s list is “misleading,” her “... More »

2 Stories