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Woman Wins Disability Payout for WiFi 'Sensitivity'

She claims that electromagnetic radiation is causing health problems

(Newser) - Electromagnetic radiation has been around since the universe first formed; it is, in its "most familiar form," light, reports the World Health Organization . But as cellphone towers and gadgets proliferate, electromagnetic radiation has increased, and some claim a sensitivity to it. One woman in France is now getting... More »

Slavery Math Problems Outrage Parents

School asks students to tally slave deaths and whippings

(Newser) - Some New York City teachers have found themselves in hot water over a math assignment for fourth graders featuring questions like, "In a slave ship, there can be 3,799 slaves. One day, the slaves took over the ship. 1,897 are dead. How many slaves are alive?" The... More »

Man Sells Trayvon Martin Shooting Range Targets

Anonymous entrepreneur admits he's trying to cash in on controversy

(Newser) - You might want to be sitting down for this one: An anonymous and extremely classy businessman has been selling shooting range targets designed to look like Trayvon Martin online, WKMG of Orlando reports. The targets don't actually use Martin's face but the intent is clear: They show a... More »

NJ Bans the Word 'Retarded'

At least in official state documents

(Newser) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a law today forbidding state laws or rules to use the term “mentally retarded” to refer to those with intellectual disabilities. “This is making sure each citizen in our state is treated with the respect they deserve,” Christie said. “It’... More »

Reid Won't Be Ousted Over 'Negro' Remark

GOP critics are conducting a partisan witchhunt, advisers say

(Newser) - Harry Reid won’t heed Republican calls to step down as majority leader following the revelation that he used some decidedly politically incorrect language to talk about Barack Obama. Reid feels he’s shored up support on the left, senior advisers tell Politico , meaning he can depict the attack launched... More »

Pregnancy Boosts Awareness of Bad Vibes

Researchers say finding fits with protective evolutionary adaptation

(Newser) - Women get wiser to the emotional states of upset and angry people around them as their pregnancies progress, perhaps as a way for mothers-to-be to recognize threats. A study asked women to identify the emotions of people in a set of photographs in their first trimester and again near the... More »

6 Stories