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My Unusual Quest to Prove Men Can Breastfeed

Michael Thomsen gives it a go, by way of a manual breast pump

(Newser) - In his quest to test "an obscure secret of biology," Michael Thomsen starts by getting biblical. He quotes Numbers 11:12 —"Carry them in your bosom, as a nursing father bears the sucking child"—as a sort of introduction to his unusual personal challenge: to... More »

Breastfeeding May Protect Mom's Heart

Lactation linked to decreased risk of heart ailments later on

(Newser) - Mothers who breastfeed their children can expect a personal benefit down the road: A new study has found they are five times less likely than women who don't breastfeed to develop calcification in their major arteries—build-up whose presence "might lead to symptomatic heart disease," one of the... More »

2 Stories